Best Photography Courses in London
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LearningFilter. Any advice on photography courses in London, UK?

I've just been given an SLR camera, which I'd love to learn to use properly. I've got lots of online resources from previous posts, that came in extremely handy, but I also need a weeknight hobby, that doesn't involve drinking!

Could anyone recommend a beginners photography course in London, UK.
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Can't advise on a specific course, but should give you plenty to choose from.
posted by Leon at 7:48 AM on April 18, 2006

When my father got his first digital camera he went to courses both at the local FE college and at the English Gardening School (as his particular interest is photographing flowers). The local college was one-tenth the price of the specialist course and he learned just as much. Look for your local FE college here. As for where the best place is for you, do you want somewhere local to home or work, somewhere that is cheap, or a course with a particular focus? If you're interested in photography as art, I'd go to Central Saint Martins - I've done a couple of short courses there (tho' not in photography) and they've been excellent.
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Thanks Boudicca....

I'd like to think that I'd be using the courses for Art, but I guess we'll see, there's a course starting next week, so I shall be booking that.
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