How can I get fast STI test/results- I'm in Toronto
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I've been invited to a party that requires everyone to have STI tests beforehand. (Good party!! Yay!!) But I have been remiss in keeping my tests up-to-date (Bad LambSock! Boo!!). What's the fastest way I could get tested and get results? I'm in Toronto.

For some reason my brain thinks I could maybe do this faster in the US-private-healthcare system than in the Canadian-public system. Would I get faster results if I drove to Buffalo?
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maybe call the Hassle Free Clinic and ask about turnaround time?
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QuestDirect and Labcorp OnDemand allow you to self-order certain lab tests. Health Testing Center allows you to order more comprehensive panels and have them done at Quest or LabCorp.

However, the earliest appointment I see at either Labcorp or Quest in Buffalo NY is August 3rd! So that might not be fast enough.

I'm a bit flabbergasted by that, as around here I can usually waltz into a LabCorp just about any day of the week and get the specimens drawn within an hour at the most. Or if I make an appointment it could be for later today or tomorrow at slowest. Some results I'll have later that day, some maybe the next day, and the wait would be longer only if a certain test actually takes more time to complete, like some bacterial cultures and such.

Point is, you might be able to get in sooner if you call them or something, because such a long wait seems strange. But first appointment August 3rd is what their online calendars show.
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hassle free is usually a week but they might be slammed right now
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