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If I block someone on Facebook, and then I post in a group where we are both members, will they see the post? (Google is turning up both "yes" and "no" answers to this question.)
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In my experience, no they will not. And I've blocked a lot of people...
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I have used blocking to keep from seeing posts by specific people in groups that we are both members of. It worked.
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Best answer: Note: OP is asking if group members can see posts from someone they have been blocked by, not someone they have blocked.
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Best answer: I wouldn't trust anything about the way Facebook works - even if the blocker/blockee can't see posts today, who knows what will change tomorrow? Assume they can see.
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It depends on their permissions in the group; if they are a moderator or admin, they will.
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Best answer: My experience is you do NOT see posts of someone who blocked you, but things may have been different in 2006.
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Like humph above, I would not trust today's policy to be the same tomorrow.
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Best answer: I am in two neighborhood based groups. I am the admin of one of those groups.

Because I am the admin and I don't put up with his bullshit, there is one neighbor - whom I refer to as "ultra-racist" (not to be confused with "super-racist" who moved away recently thank god) - who has blocked me. I have not blocked him.

- I can see all his posts/actions in the group where I am an admin.
- I cannot see anything he does in the the group where I am not an admin. I know he is posting there as others like to keep me up to date on his alcohol fueled drama mongering.
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