Finding the best gay bar in the Twin Cities
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Best gay bar in the Twin Cities metro area, Minnesota?

To clarify: my mid-tour leave from Afghanistan* is coming up and I need to get laid with a fierceness. I grew up in Minneapolis but came out in Madison so I really know nothing about the Cities scene. I'm halfway between musclebear and fatbear, and not really effeminate at all (although I don't mind effeminate fags). I'm in my mid-20s and don't really like sleeping with anyone much younger or older than me (think 3-4 years either way).

I know this is a pretty predatory question but I have had zero dick since I joined the Army in May '05 and it is wearing me down. Thanks in advance.
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The Gay 90s (warning: horrible website) at 4th and Hennepin Ave. in downtown is the biggest, for sure (six separate bars, two floors). It's also reasonably popular among straights (I'm straight myself and I've been there a bunch), so it may not be what you're looking for if you just want a pickup. One of the bars inside called the Men's Room (which is actually accessed through the men's room!) seems oriented to that, however.

(Also they make some ridiculously strong drinks there...)
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The Minneapolis Eagle on Washington is supposed to be pretty cool. It's a leather bar but I understand it's not a requierment. They have a good happy hour and on Fridays I believe they offer three for one drinks.

Nearby on Hennepin there's the Brass Rail. I guess they have bingo and Sinatra.
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Personally, I'm dying to know what comes at the other end of "Afghanistan*".
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I can't endorse personally, but according to City Pages' "Best of 2005" 19 Bar is most recommended, and the "Best of 2004" winner is the Saloon, while readers prefer the Gay 90s.
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Avoid the 90's (Nine-doze); it's a straight bar now with a drag show. JetSet is wonderful, but it's too sophisticated for pickups.

The Eagle and The Bolt are good for bears because they're totally unsubtle. You could also try the Town House in Saint Paul or Boom, which are quieter but not bad at all. The 19 is a nice neighborhood pub that can get a little wild.

Best bet: The Saloon. Hit a couple of other places first to see what you think, and hit the Saloon around 1 am for last call and the shower shows. It stays open 'til 3 or 4 w/o alcohol, which is prime time for pickups. The gay-friendly Amsterdam hotel is conveniently located right next door.
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I've always had a nice time at The Saloon and the Brass Rail on my visits to Minneapolis. I agree with the "avoid the 90s" voters; years ago, it was kind of fun, but has really become a little too "all things to all people" to be worthwhile for anyone.
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Thanks kids, links and everything. Leave should be a good time.

bcwinters, sadly, I forgot! Sorry.
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