Sent book proposal, editor now following me on Twitter
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A couple weeks ago I sent a book proposal to an academic press where I kinda know the EIC. Since then I haven't heard anything but I saw the acquiring editor is now following me on Twitter (scary!) and perhaps visiting my site. (Visitor stats aren't totally clear.) Is that a typical thing? A good sign? And how can I still use Twitter without being so anxious about him seeing all?
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When you use Twitter in public you should assume your boss/coworkers/lover(s) and enemies will see everything you write, because they can. If you are considering changing your Twitter behaviour because you now know one particular person is following you… I just don’t see how that makes any sense at all. Anything that was a bad idea to write before they followed you still is, anything that was ok to write before they followed you still is.

As for the question, I wouldn’t assume one thing had anything to do with the other. The evidence shows that the editor has now
a) heard of you
b) followed you on Twitter.

This does not support any particular conclusion as to whether they need/want/like or are necessarily in a position to publish the book.

I would give some thought to how long is a reasonable amount of time to wait before following up, and would not factor anything you wrote above into that at all. You said it’s an academic press, it’s currently the summer, I am not super active in that area but I am never suprised when academics go silent May-August.
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Agreed, this isn't worth analyzing (though if anything, it's a good sign that they consider you worth following). Two weeks is not much time, so I wouldn't read much into the fact you haven't heard back yet. And yes, I agree with tiamat, unless your account is locked and you closely control who follows you, you shouldn't Tweet anything you wouldn't want any colleague, student, admin, or acquisitions editor to see.
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I'm a freelance book editor. When a new client approaches me, I always look at their social media. I want to know what kind of person I might be working with, because I want to work with good writers who are also decent human beings. Sometimes I follow them, particularly if I realize they're someone in [my niche of publishing] I should be following.

As a freelancer, I would have gotten back to you quickly, but for a trad press 2 weeks is like a one-second blip. I don't have experience with academic presses.
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When I was editing I followed most people who submitted work to me (in a thoughtful way) as a matter of professional courtesy and really just - interest in their thoughts and work and to have them maybe follow me back in case I was promoting a call for pitches etc. I wouldn't read anything into it other than that.

Definitely always treat your Twitter like anyone you care about could read it at any time. :)
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