What website has best home painting how-to?
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General home painting. Best website for how-to?

I have a lot of repainting to do inside my house. Some over already painted walls, some over drywall, etc. I really could use a site that helped with brush choice, techniques, brush cleaning, choosing the right paint, etc. I've found a couple of sites, but they're either too technical or not detailed enough.

Bonus points if the site is a general 'fix it' site. Not showing how to put up a new roof, but how to fix a roof, not replace a sink, but how to fix a sink, that kind of thing.
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Dennis Murphy - some times, as in this time, the old fashion choice may be better.
So much of the stuff you have to do depends on where you live, any covenants you have to deal with, the weather, some personal preferences, etc. that a website with general information is often more harm than good.

As a former house painter (interior and exterior) I would very much recomment going to your local paint store and talking directly with a store employee (several, if need be) to determine your needs. There are just too many variables at play here.

Good luck.
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Well, judging from the lack of response I guess you're correct flamingbore. Off to the local paint store I go.

Thanks for the advice.
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www.behr.com has some good stuff...mostly about color, but some technique articles, as well.

Also Lowe's has some "how-to" sections on the website.

And HGTV has quite a bit of techniques.

Have fun!
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Not showing how to put up a new roof, but how to fix a roof, not replace a sink, but how to fix a sink. . .

Reader's Digest New Complete Do-It-Yourself Manual is an excellent resource for these types of projects.
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