This stupid website doesn't like my operating system, help me trick it
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I'm currently using a computer with Windows x64 as its operating system and I need to log into a tax website to file my taxes, but the website does not support my operating system. I've tried Firefox, IE, and Opera, so it is definitely the operating system. Is there a plugin for any of the above mentioned browsers that will identify my operating system as plain ol' vanilla Windows XP?
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If it's, you need to use IE. They're a complete pain in that regard. I was left "waiting" on several screens for 2-3 minutes with Firefox.
posted by beaucoupkevin at 9:28 PM on April 17, 2006

beaucoupkevin, really? I was able to very smoothly complete and file my forms using Firefox!
posted by trip and a half at 9:51 PM on April 17, 2006

there should be a 32-bit version of IE you can run tucked away in the start menu somewhere.
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Another thumbs up from me for TurboTax + Firefox. It was wonderful.
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damn, that came off badly. I'm not accusing you of lying or anything... I'm just surprised we had such different experiences.
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Seriously, I sat and waited and waited and waited. Using and I got the waiting graphic for long stretches, screens wouldn't load, etc. Restarted the browser twice, no joy, so I switched to IE and burned through.

Yes, I did feel a little dirty.
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Not only did I use TurboTax w/ Firefox, I did it on a Mac! How's that for Web 2.0!
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Any other major problems with Win64? I keep thinking of upgrading my laptop OS but haven't had the time/cash to pick up the 64 bit OS yet. If simple things like TurboTax fail - because of a dumb UA checker on their end, not because it won't work - then what else is going to act up on me?
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Thank you for the answers. I had forgotten that I had a Live CD of a Linux distribution with Firefox on it. I had used TurboTax in the past with Linux without any problems and had no problems this time.

As far as the TurboTax website having issues with FF, I've never had a problem the two times I've used them with FF as my browser. That could be your end or you were using the site when they were having technical difficulties.

caution live frogs: I did a switch after upgrading a motherboard and CPU and unfortunately Windows x64 does not automatically carry over your previous settings or programs, I'm thinking of reverting this computer back to plain ol' Windows XP until Microsoft gets their act in order. If you do make the switch, make sure there is a 64 bit driver for your video card, there isn't one for the video card in this computer and the graphics are horrible because it is using the default VGA driver.

I'm a Linux guy, I've just been helping a friend out with his computer. If I had my way, this computer would be running a 64 bit distribution of Linux, but alas, not everyone can see the light. :)

Thank you again to everyone for all of the responses.
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