Is there a second job I can do flexible online from home?
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OK, I realize this is the holy grail, but my thing that makes is possibly possible is that it doesn't have to pay much. Minimum wage is fine. Less than minimum wage...not really. I have a job. I work from home. I don't work nearly as much as they think I do. I could use some extra money. Is there work I could do in that downtime from my main job?

I need to be near my computer because I need to keep up the appearance of working. If I get an email I need to notice.

I need flexibility because I could get a call and suddenly have to do something today. So I need to be able to say "ok, today I'll do this task" and do that task and when it's finished decide if I'm going to do another task or not.

I could spend between 2-5 hours a day doing something else. At least 3 hours most days. Some days closer to 5.

I'm pretty sure I am not supposed to be using my paid hours at one job to work another job, so obviously I do not want anything that requires me to publicly display or market myself.

I can write or edit. I can do math, but I am not an accountant or bookkeeper. I can do data entry. I can type. I can internet and computer. I have access to Adobe CS and moderate skills in several Adobe apps. I have a lot of general educated-person skills. I don't want to do anyone's homework for them. I am in Canada.
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It’s not a job right away, but 2-5 hours of Code Academy a day will get you marketable skills quite quickly.
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Take a look at Appen. It's project-based work typically in the data/AI space. For example, a current one in my inbox is to record audio clips on your phone to help train voice recognition software.

(I'm on the email list but have never signed up for a project.)
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One thing I do from home (and, I will admit, I do occasionally do it during "work" hours if things are slow) is sell stuff on Etsy and eBay. This is maybe not what you're looking for because it does require a certain amount of investment/initial outlay to buy the stuff that you're going to sell (if it's used stuff/vintage) or the raw materials for the stuff you're going to sell (if it's an art or craft that you make yourself).

Some of the work is the actual finding/making stuff, but most of it is about taking well-lit photos, figuring out appropriate pricing, and writing up engaging descriptions. And then obviously packing and shipping things.

I'm not sure whether I make minimum wage for this work but I enjoy it and it's easy to scale up and down. (I think making a living doing this would be super stressful but it's good for "extra" money.)
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Amazon Mechanical Turk and its rivals. Basically, piecework for the Internet Age. Kinda sweatshoppy, but its very flexible.
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Can you tutor in anything? My son's math tutor has a full time job that does not occupy his full time, so he tutors in the afternoon/evening. It's over Zoom, so it's very flexible.
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maybe check out
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I'm on Upwork. Pros: interesting work that can be quite lucrative. Cons: they take a sizeable chunk upfront that decreases the more billing you have with a client.
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