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Where can I order custom vinyl stickers? There's too many choices on teh interweb!

Specifically, I'll only need one sticker, not fifty. Some with just text, and one graphic. Color optional, but just black background with white text/graphic.

Can anyone recommend a good site?
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sticker guy rules...but if you only want one, why not just go to cafepress, set up your own store and order your one sticker?
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Most of the online places I've used have BIG minimum order requirements. You might have more luck with a local printer.

Have you considered rolling your own?
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I've used I don't know what they use for ink, but I've had a sticker from them on my car for about five years and many car washes.
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I've used before because they were cheaper (at the time, haven't checked prices lately) than StickerGuy, and they guaranteed a quick turnaround time unlike SG.
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I don't know if this is exactly what you're looking for, but I found Wonderful Graffiti today and thought it was cool.
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I've used 1-800-Postcards numerous times. I haven't used them in a few years, but I'd suggest them based upon the work they've done for me back then. They do stickers too.
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I'm late, but as a piggyback question, what online custom campaign-style buttons would you all recommend?
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I would go to a local sign company. I own one and we do one off decals regularly. Only downside is we have a minimum order of $35, which is a fair bit for one decal but you could probably get three or four for that cost.
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For stickers, I got a lot of good information from this thread:

For buttons, check this thread:
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