best mini or micro tuner?
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What are the best mini or micro radio tuners? The PAL radio by Henry Kloss is good, but to big. Some thing that can be carried on ones person would be good.
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I've had the Sangean DT300VW0 for about 5 years and I like it. The sound is pretty thin if you rely on the tiny internal speaker, but both the AM and FM reception are better than you'd expect from such a small radio.

If that's not the sort of radio you're looking for, I'm sure the C. Crane company (the store I linked to above) has something worthwhile. They're quite fanatical about radios.
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No more suggestions? The C. Crane catalog looks great, but I'd have thought there'd be a lot more people offering recommendations here. Please report back if you find answers, flummox. I'm interested too.
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