Looking for a specific America's Got Talent episode
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I think it was a likely an oddball comedian/magician contestant. Something unusual but funny, and funny in an unusual way. The judges, aside from Howie Mandel, did not care for the act at all. Someone perhaps even buzzed them/chose to send them home directly?

Howie made an impassioned plea, however, trying to explain WHY it was funny and telling them that this was the kind of talent they were looking for, unusual and interesting, and eventually after some small bickering Howie simply pointed at the stage and said something about what they were here to do that ended with him just saying "Judge! Judge."

I can't remember if it was a Simon season or a Piers season, but whichever one of them it was, they were the strongest opinion AGAINST the contestant. They were the one Howie was primarily trying to convince. I remember one other judge wasn't really on board, possibly Mel B but also possibly I'm inserting made up memories at this point bcs I've watched a LOOOOT of the early-mid seasons of AGT.

What episode/act was this?

The most distinctive memory I have is that after his appeal to authority, Howie continues trying to explain why he genuinely understands and believes THIS is FUNNY and after convincing no one giving up & tossing up his hands, pointing at the stage, and saying "Judge!"

I'm imaging so much into this magical moment at this point, but I think I remember he says the word "Judge." a second time, quieter, and maybe almost drown out by crowd noise.

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Chipps coomey is a offbeat, deadpan magician Howie liked and Piers hated.

Piff the magic dragon likes to explain and price out his tricks
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I re-watched Piff's first appearance and it was when Howard Stern was on the show, with Howie, Heidi and Mel C. Also, everyone loved his first appearance so I don't think it was him, or at least wasn't an early ep that season (2015).

If you can't remember if Piers or Simon was on, it might have been during those years neither was a judge (seasons 7-10).
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Was it Jimmy Slonina with the blow-up doll balancing act? (Youtube)

(Check out his own videos, such a funny guy)
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Sounds similar to Dustin's Dojo. Except that was mostly Howard Stern.
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