What should I sew with fake fur?
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So (sew), this huge, magnetic, unknown force pulled me from Boston all the way to the New York City garment district. Not only that, but this same force pulled my wallet out of my purse. And it pulled the credit card out of the wallet!! There are just some things beyond my control. The credit card bought a couple yards each of fake fur in black, grey, pink, and white. What should I make with it? Am an intermediate to advanced sewer. Any and all possibilities (garments, bags, etc.) welcome! Thank you!
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You definitely need one (or more) of these animal hat/scarf type things.

You probably also need either a faux fur throw blanket, or you need to add fur trim to the edges of your current blankets.
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Bubbles and Frown You might find some inspirational applications on this website.
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If you celebrate Christmas, your tree will need a furry skirt. You can also make stockings from the fuzzy stuff, or use it to make cuffs for fabric stockings.
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The same unknown thing made me buy yards of blue houndstooth fabric. The heart wants what it wants. I would get leather gloves and add trim. Or sew a hand muff. For those stylish, stylish winters.
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You could make a truly fashionable faux fur stole, whether you decide to do color blocking or not.
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Do you know any pets who need a new bed?
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Best answer: A GOT-DAMMED CAPE

Failing that, make an awesome seat cushion by enclosing upholstery foam in furrrrrrr. It doesn't sound complicated, but I bought some good foam and made a sort of booster cushion for my WFH desk chair, and I am loving it.

Fancy, fur-lined glasses case. (Add a closure so the glasses don't just go shooting out the end.)

Ushanka (with matching muff!) or Trapper hat -- but scavenge the USB heater from this abomination.

Neck gaiter/dickey for next winter.

Hand puppets. Sasquatch costume. (Just scale the design up or down.)
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A couple years ago I sewed some pillow covers and a cover for my piano bench out of blue and purple faux fur and it made me smile every time I walked into my living room for months.
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Best answer: Hounds tooth on one side, fur on the other, winter lounge robe.
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Big soft fluffy floor pillows that you can snuggle in.
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Best answer: Some kind of color blocked faux fur jacket.
More inspiration
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Lumber support pillows that look like furry lounging beasts.

Upholster some picture frames for a very 90s teen girl look, perhaps filled with family photos or maybe pictures of other people’s pets.

Throw blanket with furry phases of the moon using the black and white fur on a charcoal grey flannel ground and black and white furry edging.

Furry pink flamingo appliqué on pillow made with a tropical palm leaf or monstera print.

Grey fur hood with snaps so you can attach it to your favorite mid weight jacket and use it as the weather cools.

If you know any little kids who are in a pink phase, pink dress up cape with sparkly rainbow lining and gold trim. You could make the more natural colors into capes with jagged edges to look like wild royalty, like a wolf queen or a polar bear baron (get it?) and trim with other metallics and fun fabrics and beads.
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Oh, also: fur hats tend to only have fur on the outside, or just around the opening. You could make a completely faux-fur hat that is SUPER warm.
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If you have cats that like to wrestle, make yourself some gauntlet mittens. I used an oven mitt as pattern inspiration. My cat quickly learned that he could play rough with us only when we were wearing the mittens. If he got too rough we ceased play immediately. He learned our limits and respected them. Lots of fun to rub his belly and get rabbit foot action while he gently gnawed on my gloved hand.
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Best answer: My eleven-year-old brain screams


Oh my my my I am imagining a patchwork of cascading diamonds in these colors with sleeves ending just before the wrist and hem a leeetle above the waist and I am in LOVE

…and have not a LICK of garment-sewing or quilting expertise. Would such a thing even be possible? Surely not sewn directly together - that would be incredibly bumpy! Could it be done by sewing the pieces down onto the surface-pieces? Anyhoo. I hope you have so much fun!

(You inspire me! I have amassed fabrics like this for twenty years, because gorgeous fabrics are gorgeous, and should dig them up and give them a chance at fun, too.)
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Best answer: Handbags are good because you don’t need to be constrained by temperature—that way you can enjoy your magnificent fun fur on hot days, as well. I have a friend who once complimented a colorful faux-fur bag of mine by stroking it and saying admiringly, “Oh, and it’s genuine Muppet!”

(I’ll let you decide if that’s too dark for your taste.)
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Furry Costume
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long furby
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My daughter suggests making a wearable animal tail and/or ears.
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Any weddings coming up? A cropped jacket or vest to wear with sleeveless formal dresses.
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