Did you spend July 4th in a place without fireworks in N. California?
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After another traumatic 4th of July weekend of ear-splitting fireworks with my terrified, shaking, panting dogs, I've decided to be proactive and get input while it's still fresh on everyone's mind.

If you were in a place where no fireworks could be heard, please tell me what town you were in so I can locate a motel or airbnb for next year. Bonus points for locations within 2 hours of Sacramento but I'll drive further if necessary.
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Is there a National Park with a dog-friendly lodge/campground near you? I ask because we’ve spent the 4th (and NYE) at Kalaloch in Olympic National Park when we had a dog who was terrified of fireworks. Fireworks are not allowed in National Parks.
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In past years, we've gone out to Bodega Bay, Dillon Beach, Point Reyes, and other places on the coast. Extremely quiet! (and incredibly beautiful as well.)
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Best answer: We did exactly this in Sierra City this year. Lots of lovely, dog-friendly vacation rental cabins in the area. Didn't hear a single firework. There's a pretty good grocery store in Graegle if you need anything. Absolutely gorgeous river and dozens of glacial lakes for swimming and lazing. They get crowded on a holiday weekend but if you stake out your spots in the AM you're all set. We stayed at the Yuba River Inn but in future I plan to check out some of the lakeside lodges in the area.
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Best answer: We did! We spent the entire weekend plus a few days on either side at a very nice little AirBnB on the coast (literally; the cliffs overlooking the water were the backyard) near Mendocino. Zero fireworks, lovely beaches, great food, nice temperatures, thrilling coastal fog, beautiful sunsets. Our dogs and sensory-sensitive son loved it, and so did we. Dogs were everywhere when we "went into town."

Great low-level hiking, Van Damme state park and beach and river, tidepools and sea caves and sea kayak rentals. I can't wait to go back.

I'll send you the link to the AirBnB place if you DM me.
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Editing closed before I could add that this AirBnB place is a large property with two cottages of varying ages and a house; the owner is an older man who lives with his dog in the house and rents out the cottages. I hate AirBnB in cities, but this seems like what it was made for.
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Maybe the East side of Truckee? The city does fireworks over Donner Lake but other than that they’re banned.
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I live in Davis. Other than the official fireworks, I heard nothing that could even vaguely be considered loud, and most of that was today and yesterday. I live on the north side of town. Things may be different closer to student housing, but I doubt it as Davis is a ghost town in the summer. All fireworks (including sparklers) are illegal in Davis.
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It was a few years ago, but I've been at Sea Ranch on the fourth. No fireworks.
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Anywhere rural where there's significant fire danger. I live in Grass Valley, CA and it was entirely quiet where I am. One official display over the highway in the middle of the area. A few reports of unauthorized fireworks but all far from me. Folks out here are terrified of wildfire and take the fireworks ban seriously. (This is a change from a few years ago.)
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Orange County North Carolina: good water supply, educated populace, no fireworks heard in my neighborhood last night (and it's never been loud), and we could use some voters in this swing state to make sure our culture doesn't slide back too much. Downside: real estate trends recently.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone!

Erst - I messaged you about the Airbnb. Sounds perfect!

Latkes - Sierra City is second on my list. Thank yoU!

As for towns that have only the official town displays, I'm trying to avoid those (though they are preferable to the 4 days barrage from neighbors)!

Have gotten a few other possibilities from this post and will leave it up a little while to see if anyone else chimes in.
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