Whoever decided that "Break a Leg" means "Good Luck" should be fed to wolves.
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Any recommendations for physiotherapists in Vancouver, BC? Alternately, ideas as to what I should look for and/or avoid?

Last time I posted a question asking for recommendations for a gimpy leg I got some help, so I thought I'd try again.

I broke my leg in three places just above the ankle three weeks ago and have plates and screws in place. My doctor has prescribed physiotherapy for me, but didn't (and wouldn't) recommend any providers. I now have about 20 degrees of range of motion in my ankle but cannot bear weight on it for another month.

I'm going to need to go in to physio a couple times a week for the next several months, and I need to go after work or on weekends. It would be preferable to find a provider somewhere between BCIT and 41st and Cambie (that is, more or less along my transit route), but that's not a dealbreaker.

I'm looking for recommendations from people who have dealt with physiotherapists in Vancouver. Also helpful would be things to look for and warning signs that indicate that I should avoid a provider (I'm 36 but have never had to undertake physio and am thus completely in the dark as to what to expect).

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I went to physio at the UBC Sports Medicine clinic a few years ago. Not sure how difficult it is to be referred there, but having friends who had great success at said clinic, I pushed my doctor for the referral. I thought it was awesome - my dislocated knee doesn't dislocate anymore and there were occasionally Olympic athletes in there too!
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I've used and been happy with two physiotherapists:

Kate Kennedy at Treolar on Broadway between Oak and Cambie.

Clyde Smith at the downtown location of UBC Sports Medicine.

I imagine there must be some physiotherapists that work out of the office tower in Oakridge centre, no? Try going to there and looking at the directory.
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I'll third UBC Sports Medicine...I think it can be kind of hard to get into, though, especially if you don't a doctor's referral. Also, it might be kind of far away from you, if you want something between BCIT and 41st and Cambie. I'm sure you could find someone closer to you, which could be important if you're going to be doing this several times a week for a few months.

And maybe you should get a new doctor...one that will help you find a physiotherapist (which I would think would be pretty standard) or at least tell you where to look. It seems like yours left you twisting in the wind. But in any event, I might try to get some advice from another doctor (maybe even at a walk-in clinic)...they're more likely to have a decent handle on who's good in the physiotherapist community and, more importantly, who's BAD.

And if you're really stuck, just consider checking out a few physiotherapists from the phonebook. I wouldn't think physiotherapy for broken legs would the most complex form (and it certainly must be common), so you might not need the best in the industry to help you.
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Sorry about the leg.

/regarding the title
'Break a leg' is a theatrical wish of good fortune, less insensitive than it sounds.
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Response by poster: And maybe you should get a new doctor

My highly-regarded orthopaedic surgeon (and an associate professor at UBC), actually, so I don't really have any choice -- I don't have a family doctor, having only moved to town last year. I was kind of surprised that he didn't want to suggest anyone. Could just have been that he was in a rush that day.
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I go to Mariola at the Bentall Medicentre Clinic downtown. She was highly recommended by my doc, who's the head of family practice at a major hospital. It's in Bentall 4, beside the food court. Pretty close to transit and Skytrain, but perhaps out of the way for you.
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