Relaxed Thailand destinations
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My parents have asked for recommendations on which areas of Thailand (or nearby SEA countries) might suit them for a holiday. They are in their early 60s, probably not going to go clubbing but love the sun and beach. They are not foodies but enjoy eating out. Where would you suggest for them?

TBH I am not sure they have their heart set on Thailand so if anywhere else in South East Asia comes to mind please share!

Budget: they could swing a midrange resort but I think the location and connections are more important. They will be flying in from New Zealand so adding multiple flights and transfers will be tiring. They are well traveled but appreciate a softer life now.
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We just got back from a long weekend in Pranburi, just south of Hua Hin. The beach was quite nice, although there are apparently issues with jellyfish and outflow depending on where you go. It was a pretty easy drive from bangkok (the hotel wanted a crazy amount for transfers, we got the number of a driver from a local friend and paid much much less) and definitely very quiet - the little bit of town right near our resort was very nearly dead (it is the low season in a destination where a lot of folks seem to prefer renting villas to the resort experience) but we had a nice and low-key time going out one night in Hua Hin proper which was touristy but busier and in Pranburi beach one night which was delightful in its casual fun - we ended up staying out on the later side (1030 pm, were not wild) and there were no taxis to be had but the server (and singer?) at the spot we’d had dinner got a coworker to drive us home for what seemed like a very reasonable fee even with our 50% tip.
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Malaysia also can be a good choice overall, especially if baseline English facility is a concern. You can go practically anywhere with no major language issues, and consequently there's not really an informal tourist tax at play when it comes to cost.
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I wonder if they might like one of the beaches near Hoi An in Vietnam? I suspect it would not be any more complicated to get to Da Nang than to Bangkok (via Singapore), and Hoi An is about an hour by car . Nice beaches, delicious food, fascinating history and culture in town, laid back atmosphere.
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I'm a big fan of Koh Lanta
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Best answer: My partner and I stayed at View Point Resort in Koh Tao. We both are not partiers and one of us was over fifty during our stay. That said - the food was very good, the resort itself was incredibly relaxed, and when we wanted to go anywhere, the front desk arranged transportation. It is within walking distance to small town with a ton of amenities.

While it is a distance from Bangkok and Thai mainland (indeed, you have to take a 2-hour ferry to Koh Tao), once you're there, it's pretty heavenly. I can't recommend it enough.
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