How can I get my puns to the White House?
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I make a lot of bad-but-original puns. Found myself writing a wonderful(ly awful) speech for the White House turkey pardon. I’d like to send it to White House writers or other communication folks but haven’t found any email addresses yet. Who would be my best bet to contact, and what is their email (or WH format). Please help me leave the legacy of my dreams!
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I would use Twitter and try to make it go viral, then maybe you’d be invited to read it!
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You want the Office of Communications or Office of the Speechwriter. This guy is the current Director of Speechwriting. Here is the general White House contact info: which is worth a shot!
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Response by poster: Yeah, I found his name but can't find a direct email. There's probably a usual format for their emails like firstname.lastname but I can't find any examples.
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Response by poster: This might help:
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