Where to find unique DVD packaging?
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I'm looking to get a small-run high-quality DVD packaging manufactured in the U.S...

For portfolio purposes, I'd like to get about 50 DVD packages created that aren't the stereotypical amaray/Jewelboxing solutions. I love the Digipak format, but it doesn't look like there's anyone that will run something like that for an order of less than 1000.

I'm really just looking for a unique platform that I can use for this packaging, and can't seem to find much outside the norm that isn't prohibitively wasteful and expensive (1000 runs is wayyy too many for my needs). I'll be handling all of the design, if it matters.
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http://www.jewelboxing.com/ ?
quantites range from 20/40/100 +

You'll need to find a separate printer for the labels, since they do not handle it.
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whoops, linked:


I'm not affiliated, btw.
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I've used these guys before, and I loved them, but for this project I'd prefer to use something a little more unique. It seems like half of the portfolios I see nowadays use these, and they've lost some of their "hey that's cool, haven't seen that" factor. That's why I mentioned that I'm looking for options that "aren't the stereotypical amaray/Jewelboxing solutions". Don't want to rip them though, great improvement on standard jewelcases.
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50 is a pretty small run, but you should get a quote from Stumptown Printers (previously on Ask MeFi).
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