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Do you use a lotion/cream on your hands to reduce wrinkles and creases? I’m not looking for a miracle here, just wondering if there’s anything that will make my hands look a bit younger. I do not have age spots—just your average almost sixty year old hands.
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I do my face routine (pretty simple as these things go, but does include a chemical exfoliant serum) on my hands too, and it helps. Honestly beyond exfoliation and sun protection any moisturizer should suffice, you just need to use it regularly including right before bed. I use moderately more expensive individual components from The Ordinary for my face in the morning, but at bedtime I just use this and it's affordable enough (and a little goes a long way) that I'm comfortable putting it on my hands when I do my face.
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Sunscreen on the hands during the day is a big thing. A ton of people forget about it, or they wash their hands for hygiene and the sunscreen comes off and they don’t reapply. If you can find an spf lotion you like and remember to reapply after washing your hands that’s a good idea.

A really emollient moisturizer before bed is nice. I like cerave cream, as opposed to lotion. It’s nice for me because I have eczema sometimes so I know it won’t exacerbate a flare and I don’t have to worry about touching the rest of me with greasy hands, but it keeps moisture in overnight.
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I have heard that some people use dermal filler on their hands.
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If I want to go all out on moisturising and skin plumping I have been known to use aquaphor ointment on my hands and it leaves the skin lovely and smooth and plump for a couple of days. So it makes a big difference but only as long as you use it regularly. Definitely something to use at night before bed because it takes a while to sink in.
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My mom swears by Kiehl's and uses this salve during the day and this cream (which is also her face cream) at night. I use the Cerave cream, rub it in and let it absorb for a bit, then layer Glysomed over it (it's labeled as a cream, but feels more like a light balm, with glycerin and silicone). I use a spray sunscreen on top if I'm going to be indoors, but if I'm going to be outside, I swap the Glysomed for a 70spf stick sunscreen. I was going to link mine (Walmart's store brand, which I loved) but it looks like they may have discontinued it! But Neutrogena and other brands make something very similar. Having that occlusive layer on top of a hydrating cream is what works best for me.
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Don’t discount using dishwashing gloves to reduce hot water exposure on the back of your hands. Can also solidly recommend Kiehl’s hand salve, especially in the winter.
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Agree with Lyn Never's general advice. Definitely any decent moisturizers and sunscreen help. Also agree on protective gloves when washing stuff. And if you're the supplements sort, collagen can help i believe.
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I am ON this. OK, if you plan to do a hand routine, then you should use the same products to keep your face looking fabulous. This means at night, when you use your retinol on your face, you apply the same product on your hands and anything else that is part of the routine, including the rich moisturizers and serums. The daytime is sunscreen, light moisturizer, and any antioxidants you feel you need.

You MUST use gloves for cleaning and dishwashing. You do not want your hands exposed to harsh chemicals and lose moisture.

If you have dry, cracked hands and need extreme moisturization, I suggest using Urea-based products like Heel Magic or whatever the podiatrists are pimping (20-40% urea), vaseline and gloves. On the other hand, if you want to do heavy moisturization with minimal fuss, then good old vaseline and gloves. Trust me; it works a treat.

The most straightforward routine is just using a moisturizer at night and sunscreen during the day. Also, treat yourself to manicures. Having clean, moisturized hands go a LONG way to keeping your hands lovely.
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In addition to repeating the advice above (sunscreen, moisturizing, gloves when washing things), I have two suggestions:

1. A lotion or other product containing hyaluronic acid (HA) is a gentle way to encourage your skin to take up more water, which can provide a tiny bit of plumping up that can help with crepe-y texture. It's not technically an active ingredient because the effect only lasts while the HA is in contact with your skin, but I use it on my face and hands. I've worked in chemical labs for most pf my profesional career and they're wrecked because of it. HA is gentle and seems to work and isn't doing anything crazy or irritating. I use this.

2. A barrier cream is a lifechanger (as I mentioned, wrecked hands). I use this stuff because the texture is so, so nice--it's got a matte finish, for lack of a better way of putting it, so my hands aren't slippery after applying it. I have a little bottle with me at all times, even when I'm out hiking.

I'm a man in his 40s and it took me a long time to even feel comfortable thinking about how these things make me feel, much less considering buying products to make me feel less self-conscious about them. My niece started training to be an esthetician, though, and she's been an awesome source of support. So maybe get yourself a session with an esthetician!
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No, not really. Freshly lotioned hands will look nicer. However the natural state of hands is not to be freshly plumped up with lotion, it's to be used for stuff that strips the lotion off. You can spend your sixties applying lotion to your hands every half hour or so, and always wearing washing up gloves when using your hands to work but your hands are still going to keep aging. The chances are what you are seeing is the result of a hormonal drop when your skin becomes thin, fragile and soft. Lotion isn't going to change the fact that your skin is about to turn sixty.

Sunscreen will indeed make a difference, but the sunscreen you apply now will make your hands look much younger in twenty years compared to all the other eighty year olds who didn't apply sunscreen. For good skin now diligently start applying sunscreen before you are thirty and maintain it to your current age...

Frequent use of sunscreen and lotion will enable you to see a difference - but only if you apply it regularly enough to become really, really, familiar with the texture of your hands.
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Yes yes yes, washing up gloves, do your face routine on your hands, all the above.

But also, in the winter you might like me need something more hardcore than face cream to put on overnight. Years ago a lovely mefite sent me a Bee Bar for Secret Quonsar, and there is absolutely nothing that comes close to fixing my dry winter hands than this, overnight. Strongly recommend, and it lasts forever.
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One additional trick is to use a moisturizing facial mask on your hands weekly or so.
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If you need more suggestions, I just read this list of the best hand creams.
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I'll add consistently wearing gloves while gardening to avoid sun exposure and for protection from grit/cuts/etc. Some folks wear plain cotton gloves while hiking for sun protection, I haven't gone that far yet.
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