Weighted blanket that will last
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I bought a $60 weighted blanket off Amazon in 2019. It's served me well for the price but in the last year the beads have all fallen to the sides, making it effectively no longer a weighted blanket. I have the budget for high-quality weighted blanket but am having trouble sorting through all the cruft and marketing hype.

I bought a weighted blanket from a small independent seller for about $150 in 2015 (before they became popular outside autism circles) that has held up incredibly well; unfortunately, it was about six inches too short for me as I am quite tall. After years of unweighted feet I ended up giving it to my partner, who has used it just as much as I use my current $60 one, and it doesn't have issues with the beads falling to the sides. Unfortunately, the seller has long since gone out of business. There have to be other quality weighted blanket sellers out there, right?

I'm very skeptical of all the fancy brands that popped up once people realized they were highly marketable, e.g. Gravity and Bearaby and the like. Ideally I would like to purchase from a brand (or independent seller) that's been around since before corporations realized how profitable they were. But Googling just gives me a hundred links of 11 Best Weighted Blankets all of which are sponsored ads or whatever.

Do you have a weighted blanket that's held up over many years? Is the manufacturer still around? Ideally I'd like one that doesn't have that "minky" layer, and which has multiple small panels.
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Etsy tells me I've had my weighted blanket since 2016, and I've had no problems with it at all. I bought it from Red Barn Blankets. I don't see my exact blanket anymore, but one reason I chose them was because their blankets were a bit longer than others I saw.

It's perfect, I love it, and if I ever need to replace it, I would buy from this store again without hesitation.
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We’ve had success with a Luna weighted blanket. They are not minky, are made of those small sections, and you can buy duvet covers for them. I’m not sure how long the company has been around but they are reasonably priced.
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The Baloo Living blanket I got was clearly thoughtfully made; a crisp cotton exterior with sewn-through panels. I ended up finding it not quite heavy enough to have the desired effect, but there is more than one weight, so you could probably find one that suits you (the weight I got was on sale and I was too cheap to pay full freight for the next weight up). They have a decent return policy and I had no hassle returning it. If I ever see a suitable sale for the next weight up, I'll definitely go for it.
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(Also they have both "blanket" and "comforter" sizes.)
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My brother gave me a weighted blanket a few years ago that has held up really well despite me ignoring all the instructions on the care tag. He said it was the same one he had and he liked it so much that he bought me one too.

Not sure where he bought it from but the tag says "Yolipuli" and this looks like the correct one:
YOLIPULI Weighted Blanket 15 lbs for Kids Adult, Twin/Full Size, 48"x72" Heavy Blanket, 100% Cotton Filled with Premium Glass Beads, Grey

You will also want to get a duvet cover so you don't have to wash it as often. It has little loops around the edges to tie the cover to.
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I've had a Sensacalm weighted blanket for about a year now, and I really like it. It's an extremely high quality blanket. The cuddle duvet I bought alongside is just OK - gets the job done. I did accidentally rip one of the snaps off when I was being forceful with it, which probably says more about me than it does about the duvet.

In my experience, it's really meant for 1 person and not 2 people. One regret that I have is not going a size larger to King. We bought the queen for the queen bed but it's not long enough. The cost with the duvet ran about $490.

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I hear your skepticism over new brands that have popped up but I swear by the Bearaby Treenapper. The construction is completely different from the glass-beads style of weighted blankets, so there’s no way it can start leaking sand everywhere, it’s fully washable/dryable with laundromat machines, and it’s remarkably cool for a weighted blanket. Do I think the fabric has the magical cooling properties that the website claims? No, but it’s knitted in huge loops that allow me to point a fan at the bed and actually get some sleep on hot nights.

They are painfully expensive but completely worth it to me because I spent a long time dealing with blankets that couldn’t be washed or that fell apart or got too hot. I’ve had mine for a few years with zero quality issues.
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I also love my Beraby Treenapper. I was skeptical that it could be heavy enough, but it's impressively weighty. It's much cooler than a more traditional weighted blanket because of the holes in the weave. It also has a little stretch to it which makes it easier to reposition when you're under it.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the suggestions--I bought the Luna cooling blanket. Unfortunately it was unbearably hot, and I had to switch back to my old blanket (which doesn't have any "cooling" features) halfway through the night. AC was on 62 and it was still too hot; I researched and it turns out Luna uses a special technology to sew the beads into the fabric to prevent them shifting, but this means using five layers of fabric. So I'll be returning it.

Going to try the Tree Napper, but wait until I actually manage to return the Luna. Hopefully better updates to come!
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