Spoiled in Chicago
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Let’s keep it absolutely indulgent - whatever that means to you.

Open to any and all wonderful, wild, luxurious, or niche suggestions to fill an over the top long weekend in Chicago and/or surrounding areas. Trust that recipient of this ask would never ask for themselves and is truly deserving. Recipient is open to experience and time of year is not important.
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Afternoon tea at the Langham or the Drake.
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A friend loves multistory craft cocktail bar Celeste, especially the roof.
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Also Little Goat Diner (or any of her associated restaurants) is beloved.

And for a smaller treat, Te’amo for more indulgent bubble tea (and dessert). They deliver too.
posted by eyeball at 9:08 PM on July 1, 2022

Dinner at Bavette’s! A cake decorating workshop at Bon Vivant!
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I’ve never actually done it but Aire Ancient Baths is the first thing I thought of when I read “absolutely indulgent”
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cocktails at "The Aviary"
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Are they looking for a hotel? Over the top luxurious has to be The Langham or (in suburban Lake Forest, a 45 minute Metra ride away) the Deer Path Inn.

Spa services if that’s their jam: If you want the name of a really great massage therapist (on the NW side, so not super convenient, but worth it) memail me. Also know a great person for brows/facials. They both book out months ahead but there’s a reason!

I love love the garden at Bistro Campagne in Lincoln Square for dinner, I think it’s the prettiest and tastiest around, but I also never leave my neighborhood haha. In winter I’ve always meant to go to the atrium restaurant at Restoration Hardware, but I haven’t actually done it.
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The Nick Cave exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art is fantastic, and open til October 2nd. We had brunch at the attached Marisol restaurant and it was absolutely delicious. Fresh hot beignets to start, my husband had the french toast and I had the cilber. It was truly amazing. I never expect food at museums to be particularly good, but this was great. I'd go back just to eat.
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How about chartering a sailboat for a sunset cruise on Lake Michigan?
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Vosges Chocolate.
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Geja's Fondue - Fantastic fondue, beautiful venue, sometimes live guitar music while you eat. Also right next to Lincoln Park so nice to walk around before/after.
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