An American teenager in Paris.
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Where in Paris might a bright, queer, nerdy but stylish American 16-year-old who's there for a month go to meet likeminded kids around her age? This is my daughter's situation. Also, any other recommendations for her, as long as she's there? (She has a few years of school French but is not fluent.)
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Who is she staying with?
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Response by poster: She's staying in a rented flat with her grandmother in the 4th Arrondissement near Boulevard Henri IV.
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In terms of her fluency, one of French classmates went to France on a long holiday (in the 80s, I can't remember how long ago) but the immersion of hanging out with French kids who delighted in helping her language had her return to our class several years ahead of us.
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Does she skate? Pari-Roller
Bike Tours.
Hanging around alone in parks, etc. usually means she’s going to get approached by older, sleazy men.
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Depending on her interests: I would've found the catacombs really cool as a teenager. The art museums, both the Louvre and the Centre Pompidou, are amazing, obviously. The whole Quartier Latin is great for sight-seeing and shopping and bookstores. IDK, this is really hard because the entire city is incredible for a young person with a little bit of money. Make sure she knows how to get around the Metro.
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My bright queer nerdy teenager is a bit older (18) but I'm sure he could give some advice. Send me a message and I can put them in touch if you like. The teens do a lot of hanging out and an inordinate amount of uno!
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If she skateboards, on the steps at the bottom of Palace di Tokyo.
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