Fancy pajamas ...
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Say you want to splurge on a beautiful pajama set or nightgown.

There is a budget, but it's more fun to pretend there's not. Where do you go? (Anywhere in the world, links very welcome!) Thank you!
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Depending on how good you are at pretending, Carine Gilson. I'm not, but damn is it pretty.
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I am lucky enough to have been given my husband's grandmother's vintage silk nightgown. It's very much like this one for sale on Etsy. I can't explain how comfortable and flattering it is. I have an obscene closet and it is the most amazing item of clothing I own by far.
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Fun question.
For sexy, Natori is a great suggestion. If truly no budget, La Perla.

For comfy, Desmon & Dempsey, Pax Philomena, or really anything in high-quality 100% cotton.
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Olivia von Halle silk-satin pajamas.
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If you want fancy but traditional pajamas, I do recommend Eberjey. They make me feel like I'm hanging out in a fancy hotel ordering room service. They may be a bit plain for what you're after, though.
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Soma. I bought a pair of their shortie PJs a few years ago and they are amazing.
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These were Oprah's favorite pajamas. I splurged on them and have zero regrets.
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Printfresh makes absolutely beautiful cotton jammies. I have something like six sets, I think. The Unicorn's Garden set is an especial favorite (short set, long set). I also love their lemon zest, vintage stripes, and Jersey Devil prints, among others.

The cotton gets nicer and nicer the more you wash it and it wears like iron. The sets are beautifully finished with lots of lovely little details. They're a bit spendy (although not nearly as much as those gorgeous Olivia Von Halles sets, OMG), but there are regular sales and their loyalty club program often provides discounts. Highly recommend them!
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For AMAZING house coats, check out Catherine D’Lish.
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