Dogs jumping and catching frisbees - lifestyle edition
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A few years ago I went to the sheep shearing festival at Gore Place in Waltham. One of the activities was a dog jumping exhibition. This consisted of dogs making long, running jumps, attempting to catch and retrieve frisbees, sometimes jumping into water to do so. What is this sport called, and where can I see it again?

This looked to be a major life activity for the dogs and their owners, involving equipment and extensive training. For example, many of the owners had kevlar protectors that they wore on their backs. The dog owner would bend down, and the dog would take running flying jumps, using the dog owner's back as a ramp to increase their loft and distance.

Many of the dogs were border collies and English shepherds, but these were not shepherding events. These were jumping and catching events. There may have been prizes awarded for distance.

There was clearly a community of dog owners who traveled from around New England or further to participate. It was a rag tag but dedicated group.

I have a family member who I think would really enjoy seeing one of these exhibitions, but I've been unable to figure out what it's called, which makes it hard to find an event.
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K9 Frisbee!

I just went to one solo guy’s exhibition which was entirely underwhelming, but the competition circuit sounds fun!
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The event names seem to fall under Agility, Flyball, and others.

ESPN2 occasionally shows Flyball. Here's a link to Flyball if you have a cable login.
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You might also look for Disk (or Disc) Dogs, or Freestyle, as event names.
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Also dock diving
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I have yet to see frisbee events, but many large dog shows now include agility or flyball events as well as the traditional beauty contests and obedience trials.
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I live literally next to Gore Place. Great annual event! Yup, agility is the search term you want. Also check out police dog demos.
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A dog leaping for something into water is dock diving. Disc dog or UpDog are frisbee-specific sports from different clubs.
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Hit up the Dock Dogs in Bennington Vermont this weekend, yeah? At a place called 'Splashes N Wags'. More details.

Here's a video of a competition at LL Bean in Portland ME a couple years back. They'll be back in Portland again August 20-21 for LL Bean's 'Dog Days of August' weekend.
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Response by poster: Thank you, thank you, thank you! There's lots to explore here. I'm hopeful I'll be able to find some local events. Marking this resolved.
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