Cleaning after mice?
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What is the best cleaning product to sanitize wood floors after a mouse infestation?

That’s the whole question…I need to mop the wood floors of a house after mice have had the run of the place. Any suggestions? Thank you.
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Diluted bleach is always my go-to for real sanitizing.

You may also try steam sanitizing, but that may require a professional. I don't think home steamers are as good.
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All the "cleaning influencers" (sorry I hate those words together) are swearing by the OCedar EasyWring™ RinseClean™ Spin Mop System which if I were cleaning up after Mice, I would certainly use a dilute bleach solution and I would want a really clean mop.
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Mice leave scent trails and other mice find them. I would clean thoroughly with Nature's Miracle or similar enzyme cleaner that really kills the scent humans can't smell. Then I clean with pine-sol or other cleaner with pine oil, a natural disinfectant that I like the smell of. If mice have been resident a long time, I'd do a mop run with dilute bleach or hydrogen peroxide.

They are filthy destructive little critters, sorry you had to deal with this.
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Response by poster: Thanks all. Mopping with bleach today.
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