Please help me find replacements for my favorite work sneaker-boots!
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I've been wearing a lightweight, non-slip pair of sneaker boots on the job for the last two years, but they're beginning to fall apart. Can anyone recommend replacements?

I work in the dairy department of a large grocery store, and in my chilly work environs I've come to really adore a pair of boots I found on ThredUp a couple of years ago. Sadly, after much wear and tear, they're in need of replacing but i've had a terrible time finding anything that comes remotely close to duplicating these long-out-of-production Salomon Uma boots. (Here's an old REI link, gives specs but product not available. )
What I liked about them: Tall (knee high), waterproof/resistant fabric uppers (sort of like lined Neoprene), non-slip grippy soles, full zip (I can't do pull-ons), preferably black, women's size 9 (39.5 or 40 eur), under $150 but I'll wiggle on the price for a good fit. They were extremely lightweight and flexible, but kept my legs and feet just warm enough- I've tried some all leather Merrells and they were just a little too warm and not quite flexible enough. I'm not worried about arches since I use my own insoles. I guess I'm just looking for boots that are basically sneakers. Who knew they would be so hard to find? Please help me with some suggestions!
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Bogs are kind of like this. They make neoprene boots for kids, and I've seen adult neoprene ones in the past - on a quick look I didn't see any but I only had a minute to look, you may have more luck.
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At $169, the Ugg Classic Short Dual Zip boot slightly exceeds your budget, but it's generally popular with reviewers, who like the boot's wool lining, its water resistance, and, of course, its two zippers. A review dated January 5, 2022, recommended using water repellent spray on the Classic Short Dual Zip boot and praised it for providing sure footing in the winter. (The insole is removable, so you can replace it with your own.)
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Oh I just saw an ad for these booties that are waterproof and lightweight - Vessi
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