How can I see posts from actual people on Facebook?
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Weird question yeah, bear with me. Turned on the Facebook App on mobile a few minutes ago and it was glorious, I saw posts from actual people/friends that I rarely ever see. It was like FB had done an update or design to show me posts from friends.

On a hunch I hit refresh and that "view" went away, I was back to seeing what I usually see, posts from groups or organizations usually, with very little posts from people that I'm friends with. Does anyone how to get that "friend" view back? Because mostly what I'm seeing now is just posts from various groups or communities that I'm a part of.
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I use the “recent and favorites” view to see posts from everyone, in order. Not sure what kind of glitch fb was having a little bit ago - it was showing me posts from people I’m friends with but have unfollowed.
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Facebook is an inscrutable box to me so I don't know what you saw but when I went and looked at it deep in the list of options there was something called "Favorites". On mobile, it looks like it has its own tab:

Might be worth trying.
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I recently unfollowed all my groups. I'm still in them, but I have to choose to go to the group to see the posts.

My feed got a lot better.

Unfortunately, I do not know a quick way to do this all at once. I just clicked the ... and unfollowed each time I encountered a group post in my feed until all of them were gone. Took about a week but I think I got 99% of them.
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How to Bring Peace to Your FB Feed in 13 Steps
1) Unfriend everyone you don't remember. Not sure how they ended up your friend? Drop them.
2) Unfriend awful and bigoted people.
3) When awful or bigoted people pop up in the comments of a friend's post, block them. Especially if their profile pic shows them in sunglasses.
4) If you feel stuck with certain people who say awful, ignorant, or just annoying stuff, unfollow them. They can stay your "friends" but their crap won't go into your feed. You will be able to look in on them and see pictures of their kids without having to hear their conspiracy theories or other bullshit. You can also unfollow acquaintances you don't mind but don't care that much about. You don't have to insult that guy you worked with for six months in college, but you don't have to look at all of the pictures of him rock climbing, either.
5) If there are people you don't want to lose track of and don't mind, but they overload your feed, snooze them for 30 days, then check in on them later on and resnooze if needed.
6) Unlike every page you ever liked. All of them. You do not need to hear from CNN or a hotel you visited in 2014 on Facebook.
7) Quit every group you ever joined. They were only fun for two weeks anyway and now the notifications only annoy you or make you feel guilty.
8) Go into your Ad Preferences. Go nuts. Delete every "interest" FB says you have. There will be hundreds, some accurate, some painfully wrong. Disallow every advertising list. Turn off all the stuff in Ads Settings about Data from Partners, Social Actions, etc.
9) Every time someone you know shares a meme/news story/local item/friend thing that you don't care about, click in and choose "Hide All from ________." I do this even if it's a funny meme or a decent news story. I do this because over time, it tilts my feed to personal stuff and not recycled news or jokes. There will always be new meme pages and news sources, so you won't end up left out, just less inundated.
10) Hide every single ad you see. Not only that but click through into Ad Preferences and block all ads from that advertiser.
11) Periodically go back into your Ad Preferences and delete the new interests FB tries to add.
12) Occasionally, after hiding an ad, click into Why Was I Shown This Ad? Delete/disallow anything other than your age and location that pops up.
13) Repeat.

This will take some work to get started. But I recommend it. You have enough places to get news. Twitter will get you enough opinions. You will still hear plenty of memes and jokes. Prune your FB until it's just people you like talking about their day and their families and their pets. It will help your soul.
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So Facebook is actually being weird for me tonight. All the people and groups I’ve unfollowed are now showing up in my feed. It’s terrible. I’m wondering if the view you saw was due to this glitch or what have you. Are the people that showed up in your feed people you actually follow? I’ve “friended” people before on Facebook but have to manually go in and “follow” them in order for their stuff to show up in my feed. This glitch could be just putting everyone on your feed - whether or not you’ve actually followed them. (sorry if this is confusing. Friending someone is step 1. Going in and following them is step 2. With this glitch EVERYONE is showing up whether you’ve followed or unfollowed them)
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Yeah, I'm seeing the same thing as Sassyfrass- groups I've unfollowed are showing up in my main feed when they shouldn't be. It does seem like something's going weird with Facebook's newsfeed today.
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I'm currently looking at Facebook maybe once a month, which seems to lead it to show me more posts, on that one monthly occasion, that my *actual friends* have *actually posted*.

If you hadn't used the app in a while, maybe that achieved the same thing.
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Confirming that something happened yesterday that caused people that have been unfollowed to show up in the feed. I unfollowed every single friend about a year ago (mostly to get rid of all the garbage that Facebook always suggested because one of them had interacted with it) and had not seen a post from any of them on my feed until yesterday evening. It seems to have been corrected today.
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