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PDF-Filter: I have to take one (4-page) .pdf file, and save it as two (2-page) .pdf files. One file will be pages 1 and 2, the second file will be pages 3 and 4.

I have 4 tickets to a concert in .pdf. I want to give 2 tickets to one person and 2 to the other, without risk of them using each others tickets by accident (or on purpose).
I'm not a scalper just a guy selling tickets below cost because his friends bailed on him.
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Well, I'm a fool.

What a waste of all your time. I apoloqize.

I found FoxIt editor online. Very easy to use. I highly recommend.

Admin, feel free to remove this question. SOrry again guys.
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You can do this easily enough with the pro version of Acrobat.

Also, if you have MS office installed (and the MS Office Image Writer vitural printer) you could print pages 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 seperately to MDI or TIFF images. Your friends should be able to open and write TIFF files from just about any document or image software (Office, Corel, OpenOffice, etc).

There are many other ways, these are just some of the quickest.
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Ghost Script will let you do this I believe. Otherwise, print pages 1 and 2 to a postscript file, print pages 3 and 4 to a postscript file, and then use Ghost script to convert those PS files to PDF files.
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cutepdf writer does what cosmicbandito said automatically. I split pdfs like this all the time.
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Open the 4-page file, access the "delete page" option, delete any two pages and save-as. Repeat, but with the opposite two pages.
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See also List of PDF software on Wikipedia
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