Is there a plan somewhere for the Potrero Canyon Park Pedestrian Bridge?
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There is a lot of construction on the beach in Santa Monica where Entrada hits PCH (where Santa Monica Creek hits the beach). What's being built?

According to at least one source, this is part of the construction of a pedestrian bridge across PCH that will connect Potrero Canyon Park to the beach. I can find plenty of local stories about the funding for such a bridge being approved, but I can't find any plans, maps, or diagrams explaining how this would work.

The closest corner of Potrero Canyon Park is about half a mile along the beach from where the construction is taking place, and a good stretch of that half mile is steep bluff or beach, there's not much room for a long bridge.

Is there a map or a plan somewhere that shows how this is all going to work? I haven't been able to turn anything up Googling.
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Best answer: Strangely, the documentation from the LA Engineering department says that this project is still in the planning stage and hasn't even yet been designed, which doesn't match the story you linked (and your own experience) that says that it is already under construction. There is a person named as the project manager in the project info page I linked, so I would suggest contacting them to ask for an update. It doesn't list an email address, but it's probably
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Response by poster: Yeah, I think the news post is just wrong and that bridge is likely going to go the bit of parking lot just about Baywatch Command. The construction on the beach right now is probably for this.
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Isn't there a tunnel there for beach access from the inland side of PCH? Maybe I'm getting it confused with Temescal.
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Response by poster: Yeah there's two, one from the corner of west channel and another by ocean way. And the west channel one has two exits on the beach side (one up by the bike path and a lower one down by the creek), so it's sort of two tunnels.
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