Smash the patriachy music?
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What burn the patriarchy to the ground music are you listening to in the wake of the Dobbs decision?
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Exile in Guyville, Liz Phair
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See also
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Sheer Mag.
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Response by poster: For clarification: Saw the rage playlist question already. I’m looking for slightly more specific than just general rage.
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Pussy Riot. Link to YouTube
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Just happened to see this, may not be specifically in the smash-the-patriarchy vein but as a general sentiment it was specifically dedicated to the Supreme Court judges:

Olivia Rodrigo - F*** You (feat. Lily Allen) (Glastonbury 2022)
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I like the women of punk rock for this:

Seneca Falls by The Distillers is about women's suffrage, with the refrain "they cried 'freedom, rise up for me'".

Take Back The Power by The Interruptors has "What's your plan for tomorrow/ Are you a leader or will you follow/ Are you a fighter or will you cower/
It's our time to take back the power"
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Some people think little girls should be seen and not heard, but I think Oh! Bondage! Up Yours!
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Racist, Sexist Boy - The Linda Lindas
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Skunk Anansie — ‘This Means War’, ‘Yes It’s Fucking Political’, maybe ‘All I Want’, ‘This is Not a Game’.
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Dream Wife - F.U.U.

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The Chicks - Goodbye Earl
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Most of Chumbawamba's Showbusiness might count (well, and quite a bit of their catalogue). "Stitch" may be the most obviously appropriate track.
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If I Had a Rocket Launcher, Bruce Cockburn
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Janelle Monae? Cold War, Come Alive, Q.U.E.E.N, Screwed, Django Jane.
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Generally, Liz Phair, Bikini Kill, L7, Hole… and any 90s/early 00s Riot girl music that just feels angry and strong even if the lyrics don’t match. A few examples:

Sonic Youth Kool Thing
Lush Ciao!, Ladykillers
Bikini Kill Rebel Girl, and my own personal favorite song when I’m very angry Suck my left one
L7 Fuel my fire
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Play God, Ani DiFranco
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Tamburitza Lingua, Ani DiFranco
Under the Table, Fiona Apple
Fetch the Bolt Cutters, Fiona Apple
Fire Drills, Dessa
Blame Game, Beach Bunny
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Music for smashing the patriarchy, with varying levels of anger/punk:
Amyl and the Sniffers - Knifey
Camp Cope - The Opener
Muncie Girls - Jeremy
MARINA - Man's World
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Check out the Riot Grrrl playlist on Spotify, created by Sleater-Kinney.
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Mississippi Goddam -- Nina Simone
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