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I’ve been trying to figure out how/when/where to protest in either my city or in DC. Most of my searches just turn up news articles though. Is there a site that congregates protests happening around the country, with time and location details?
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Best answer: I have been active in protests for a few years. I don't know of any aggregator.

What I would suggest is to try to find websites or social media pages for activist groups. Get on the mailing list for Planned Parenthood in your area. Look for groups such as Indivisible, Democratic Socialists, Party for Socialism and Liberation, the Women's March, even your local Dem party. Those are just off the top of my head. You might also look in news coverage of previous protests, who were organizers and speakers, and follow them.
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Best answer: Also, my local Reddit sometimes lists protests. And local or regional women's organizations might be involved or have info.
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Best answer: Here you go.

Oops on edit, I realize that you are looking for generally - sorry, I assumed this was specific to recent protests.
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Best answer: I think it depends on what you wish to protest and on which side. You don't say what it is you wish to protest, but I am going to take the big leap and presume it is the Dodd decision handed down by the Supremes yesterday.

NotLost gave some very good suggestions above. I just searched "Protest Dodd NYC" and got mostly news stories, but within the news story, they mentioned upcoming protests. I am not a protester type. I would rather focus on action rather than reaction. So, I would call say Planned Parenthood in a State that now has restrictions against abortion and ask them what I could do to help in addition to donating money. Maybe it is just me, but protesting say in NYC for example seems pointless bc NY has laws in place protecting, preserving and even expanding a person's right to choose. Law makers in say Mississippi don't even pay attention to their own constituents, why would they care if liberals from NYC protest?

The Supreme Court is not going to suddenly change their mind. What I think needs to be done is to convince state lawmakers that it is in their interest to support laws that support abortion. It is basic human compassion. (That is pretty much what the Supreme Court said to do. They do not think it is for the court's to make a law, but, rather, for the elected officials to make them. Sadly, the Dems/Pelosi could not get the votes to pass a law supporting the right to choose.) I do concede that protesting is a way to notify a lawmaker that their constituents care about one side of an issue.

On preview, Toddles has a great resource.
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Best answer: In DC, simply showing up to the Supreme Court is always a safe bet. You can also follow the crowds of other protesters holding signs in the area, and that would maybe lead you to Union Station, where I know there was another protest last night.

Also in DC, you can follow @clockoutdc on Instagram. She aggregates many events in DC, including protests.
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Response by poster: Thanks all so far. To answer Toddles and JohnnyGunn, I should have been more clear but yes I am looking to protest the Supreme Court decision yesterday. I’m in Colorado which (thankfully) is one of the best states for abortion rights, which is why I was thinking of heading ro DC. Like JohnnyGunn I have not really been a protester type before, more volunteer-and-donate person, and protesting in Colorado seems…not efficient? But today I kind of feel the need to just try to make my voice heard in a way it hasn’t been before, and protesting may help that. Not sure, we’ll see.

I don’t have Facebook or Reddit right now but willing to make accounts to find things like that, so thanks for that suggestion as well.
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Best answer: Another idea, if you're looking to protest more generally in the future: In my city, at least, there tends to be one to three places where most protests happen. You could probably learn of these by looking at previous news coverage. Then sometimes, just go ahead and converge in that area soon after major news.

For example: When the news media called the election for Biden, I went to my city's main street, where there was a spontaneous car rally. People were driving and honking and waving flags. It was a great celebration.
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I’ve seen daily Reddit posts in r/Washingtondc on protest locations and logistics. Almost always about today or this weekend, though.
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