How do i get $2000 quickly?
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MoneyFilter: I need to raise $2000 really quick, any Ideas?
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Well, can you give us a general idea of what you need to raise the money for? The answer to your problem might be very different if you're trying to feed street urchins in Brazil than if you simply need to make rent.

What time frame? How fast do you need the money?

What have you tried already? Have you tried to get a bank loan?
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Response by poster: Sorry...The $ is for paying off Debt that needs to be payed off in 2 months or less. I do not want to take out a bank loan for this, any ideas will be greatly appreciated.
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bshort is right. This is missing way too much essential information. Simple laws of economics apply: if getting $2000 was really easy and required no special skills then that method would be exploited by everyone who wants the $2000 - which is a lot of people. So you are left with options we don't know about. Do you have special skills? Special area of the country that would make this possible?

Otherwise you are left with the mostly mundane options. Find something you have to sell. Get a loan -- all sorts of places out there that do it from banks to the paycheck advance stores - the latter being a legal sort of usury.

But maybe a legal sort of usury fits what you want.

There are "quick money" types of jobs. The legal ones usually have waiting lines - deliver a car across the country, etc.

Don't know if this helps. . .
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Sell a kidney?

What's the time frame? If you have any skills, picking up waged labour might be your best bet. Even if you are working for close to minimum wage:

$2000/$7 = 285
285/50 = 5.7

Therefore you can raise your money in just under two months. Assuming no taxes or expenditure.

Okay, maybe not the best idea.
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Oh, and assuming you can work 50 extra hours a week.
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You can sell organs in the US???? WTF
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You can make about $60 a week selling plasma. That's almost 25% right there.
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As someone noted, there is no easy "quick score" (that is legal), or we would all be off raising $2,000.

Since you have two months, you might look at any services you might be able to cut off/cut back for that time, like cable tv. If you normally buy coffee out, stop. If you normally eat out, get a pizza once a week or so, stop. Slash your food budget - rice and beans time. Cease any entertainment expenses - going out for drinks, movies, etc.

Check into giving blood/plasma. Look for universities in your area who need people for medical research. Donate sperm to a sperm bank.

If your line of work lends itself to doing freelance, check out craigslist for opportunities. Otherwise, find night/weekend/whatever fits your schedule job. If you have days free, substitute teaching pays well on a per-day basis.

Do some research on eBay, and then scour thrift shops and garage sales looking for items you know you can flip. eBay anything you can in your house (or pawn some things if you want a chance for getting them back).

Not too quick, but luckily you have two months. By combining part time work/random selling of stuff/cutting expenses, hopefully you can pull it off.
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Are you male (doesn't say in your profile)? Would you consider selling your sperm to a sperm bank? the amount you'd be paid depends (I believe) on factors such as your level of education and physical attributes, but it may contribute to your $2000.
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Pretty much your best answer is to get a second or third job. Work 16 hours a day, seven days a week, for two months.
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Two months is plenty of time, assuming you aren't already working two jobs, and you don't have children to care for.

Call every temp agency in your town, and see what they can do for you, to help you work 80 or 100 hours/week for a bit.
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Sell your car (if it's worth more than $2000).

You might be thinking that it'd be impossible or that there's NO WAY you can live without a car, but the weather's getting nicer (if you're in the northern hemisphere), and if you live in a city of any size with any sort of bus service, you can probably combine that with some walking and a little planning and you're all set. If you sold the car today for at least $2500, you'd be set for bus fares (maybe combined with a cheap Craigslist-found bicycle?) for the two months, and if you keep looking for other thrifty ideas here on AskMeFi, you might be able to save enough by the winter to get a $2000 Honda Accord/Toyota Corolla-type car from the late 80s or early 90s that'd serve you well (if you go back to having a car at all).

Good luck.
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Modest Needs may be able to help, and the exist for exactly this sort of thing.
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Modest Needs may be able to help, and the exist for exactly this sort of thing.

Not quite exactly, unless there are details about the debt we don't know about -- for one thing, their maximum grant is $1000.

Also, the expense should be either a "relatively small, emergency expense which the individual or family could not have anticipated or prepared for," a "small work-related fee or expense on behalf of a temporarily unemployed individual" that would make the difference in allowing the person to re-enter the workforce, or "an unexpected expense which no conventional agency is prepared to address" for "persons who are permanently unable to work but who nevertheless are living independently on the limited income to which they are entitled."
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Sell your stuff. You'd be amazed at the crazy amount of shit that's probably piled up in your place and you'd be even more amazed that people are willing to pay to have it. Like fire&wings said, Ebay.

Otherwise, may I suggest prostitution or theft?
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Drug trials. Some of them have you live in for a week and pay as much as $200US/day.
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As suggested by others, your two best options are:
  • Work hard.
  • Sell stuff.
If you have possessions that were purchased in order to accrue this debt, then sell the possessions. Sell other possessions. Use eBay. Use craigslist.

Work sixteen-hour days. Work two jobs. Work three. Work your ass off.

There's no easy way to get $2,000 quickly, but you can do it by sacrificing something.
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Assuming you work a 9-5 weekday job, here are some suggestions for night/weekend jobs:

Bartending or wait staff (generic place like TGI Fridays, $60-100/good night). Catering pays less, but no experience needed. Wedding photography, wedding planning, wedding setup.

Exotic dancing (if you're female). Not kidding -- just tell yourself it's an anthropological experience.

Moving crew, house painting, event setup and take down. All can pay surprisingly well. Labor Ready is a temp company for that. Or just show up around 7 AM at construction sites near you that are active on weekends (road crew and downtown sites often are). Be wearing work boots and tough pants and tell them you're a hard worker and can do anything they need done. (Won't work if it's a union job, and for big jobs, talking to the weekday leadership in the trailers may be necessary -- stop by before work?) (If you don't have tools, you'll be hired as a laborer, but that may still pay enough.)

Babysitting won't pay well but is the kind of job you could keep up for 6 hours after a regular job. But finding a steady gig or lots of unsteady gigs on short notice will be hard.

Freelance design work. Freelance data entry / GIS / report editing / writing. Ask your current boss for overtime. Call your old bosses.
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I would suggest picking up some freelance work you can do from home if you are the programmer type.

A site like might help you reach your $2000 goal if you have the skills...

that said, good luck.
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Well, last month you had $1500 to spend on a laptop, could you return it/hock it??
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And maybe return/hock the digital SLR.
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Can you get another credit card? Can you raise the limit on the one you have? (Be sure not to carry the debt any longer than you have to.) Can you borrow from family?

Otherwise, it's work or sell stuff, like everybody else says. Look around for things you can still return for the original price.
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I suggest prostitution. A friend of mine was a male escort, working almost exclusively with gay men, and made $1k a night often. He made enough in about a year to pay off his car, his house, and his student loans.
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