Is the Uniqlo in Stonestown Galleria, San Francisco worth it?
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I'm in San Francisco on the west side and my go to Uniqlo on Powell Street is apparently closed for good. My map says I can go to the one in Emeryville on my way home, or there's another one all the way on the other side of the peninsula at Stonestown Galleria. If it was a bigger/better store with more selection I'd go out of my way but if they all have the same stuff or you guys aren't sure I will just go to Emeryville. Thanks!!
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Best answer: I've only been there once but don't think it was better than the one in Emeryville.
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Best answer: I don't know what the Emeryville store is like, but I can tell you the Stonestown Uniqlo is far smaller than the one in Powell Street was. I was not bowled over.
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There are two in Manhattan and one is radically bigger and more interesting than the other, with a greater selection, to the point that I stopped going to the smaller one. Long story short: Their stores are not necessarily identical.
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