What's this tingling in my doo-dad?
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Very rarely after orgasm, I'll get a bizarre, indescribable pain in my penis (this is the reason I haven't been able to google it). It's almost like it's tingling, but in an incredibly uncomfortable way.

I can feel it in most of the shaft, but no part of the testicles or crotch or anything. It usually comes on fairly slowly about five- ten minutes after orgasm and lasts for about twenty minutes. I'm not too concerned about infection or anything too serious because it happens so rarely and hasn't gotten any worse over the years - sometimes I'll go for months without it happening, but others it'll happen a few times in a single month. It doesn't really seem to matter whether I was masturbating or actually having sex.

For the record, this started way before I lost my virginity, so it's not an STD or anything.
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Perhaps it's interstitial cystitis?

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Pudendal neuralgia? I'm just guessing here. But the word "tingling" in the description reminds me of what cyclists get.
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I get this too, sometimes. Usually when I need to take a leak, but am still erect. And it won't go away until I've peed. Which is hard when you're erect.
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Yeah, its urine related. On occasions of massive coffee consumption then orgasm this can happen
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Very likely interstitial cystitis. (see logicpunk's link) See a urologist. If it is IC, they can prescribe Elmiron, which helps immensely. You'll want to stay away from caffeine (and maybe alcohol) on a day when you want to have an orgasm. Also, there are sometimes pelvic floor problems that go along with this issue, so it may be helpful to see a physical therapist as well. If you want help finding resources, email is in profile.
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You should also do a search on Chronic Pelvic Pain and Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome.
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(sorry for the triple comment)

One more thing I should say is that this condition has been diagnosed and misdiagnosed as many different things. Which diagnosis you follow will determine your course of treatment. For example, if you see a urologist talk to him about IC, he'll most likely want to treat it as IC and perscribe Elmiron. If you research Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome, you will most likely find this book, and be pointed in a physical therapy/meditation direction. In some cases, the condition is referred to as prostatitis, although this is falling out of favor as the condition is no longer seen as a problem with the prostate.

I've personally found the Elmiron to be most helpful, although I also see a physical therapist and do stretches/exercises.
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FWIW, I think it sounds nothing like IC, though that doesn't help with your original question. A Urologist is the appropriate doc to see if you are inclined.
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I'm not convinced it's IC; it doesn't sound particularly like it. Elmiron has a roughly 30% success rate only, so I'd be wary of starting that before trying other options (it can have fairly severe side effects).

Do you experience bladder pain? Reduced bladder capacity? Merely pain in the penis seems unlikely to be the only symptom of IC, though sex can cause flareups for many IC patients, and so that does correlate, at least. Still, even if it's not IC, it might not hurt to try some of the natural prevention ideas IC patients usually try - as suggested, caffeine and alcohol are irritants, and it might be good to cut those out of your diet as much as possible, not just near times you'll be having sex/masturbating. Acidic foods can also be very bad for the bladder, and that could be related as the sex, combined with acidic foods or caffeine or alcohol could cause a flareup whereby the urine in your penis is very irritated. But I'm not a guy and everyone I know with IC is a girl, so these are definitely things to be asking a physician or better yet a urologist.

Really what you need to do is assess how bad the pain is - is it uncomfortable? Unpleasant? Very painful? Makes you want to burst into tears? And I think that should inform your actions. Obviously you don't want to leave any problems untreated, but if the problem's not huge, you might want to try diet and lifestyle modifications first, pelvic floor exercises, stress reduction, etc. before trying the drugs, which are not a magic cure-all.
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If what you mean by "tingling" is what others mean by "burning" then, before looking into more elaborate remedies, absolutely ensure that your bladder is as empty as possible before getting started. That alone might take care of it. Also, try lying on your back (sitting up can make it worse/more likely), and try to put as little pressure as possible on the urethrea.
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In contrast to treepour's comment:

Do you urinate shortly after orgasm to cleanse the urethra? Sometimes I'll get an odd feeling in my "shaft" if there's been a significant amount of time between ejaculation and urination. I've come to associate my minor discomfort with the need to urinate. Your problem could be something serious, though, without knowing exactly what your symptoms are; I'd suggest seeing your doctor for more advice.

I've had a UTI before so I'm 99% sure my "condition" is not related to that particular infection.
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