Desk Snacks -- Pandemic Edition
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When you only go to your office intermittently, what are your favorite snacks to keep at your desk? For my requirements, they must be able to be stored at room temperature, inside a desk drawer. Individually packaged and relatively healthy are nice-to-haves.

I am only at my office 2 days a week, about every other week or so. It'd be nice to have something I can store and not worry about for months at a time (Or at least weeks). One good solution is the big bags of little bags of chips. What are other things like that?
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I always have almonds around. I usually buy a big bag, but you could buy smaller bags, or re-bag into tiny ziplocks, if you wanted stricter portion control.
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I like little resealable pouches of dried fruit from Walmart -- mango, pineapple, apricot, etc.
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My desk always has rxbar brand protein bars and usually nuts of various kinds. Lately, dried sweet potato. (The not-too-chewy, shredded kind. Not the sticky, brown, impossible to open kind.)
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I hate the branding, but I love pouches of Skinnydipped nuts for this exact use.
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I usually keep a box of peanut butter and/or cheese sandwich crackers. Almonds or other nuts too.
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Kind bars and Luna bars right now
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We keep some in-shell nuts in the office. Having to crack them helps with portion control.
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I surprise myself with Universal Yums.
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i love cheez-its. i keep almonds and cashews, i can pour out a handful whenever i want. i check the japanese aisle for sweets because they're not as much of a sugarbomb as most american sweets.
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My office hotdesks, so I just bring new food each time. But if I had a dedicated desk, I’d keep some dried fruit and pistachios, maybe some pretzels.
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When I was in offices, I'd store shelf stable microwavable Indian meals (Tasty Bite etc.) for when I ended up working late and needed an actual meal. They're unhealthily salty for the most part but other than that are pretty good for you. Having a good source of protein rather than a hit of carbs is what I needed and they can last for years.
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I'm a fan of Simple Mills Soft Baked Almond Bars - Dark Chocolate Almond flavor. These are available at our local grocery stores.
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I'd try a bunch of different bars and figure out if there are any that you particularly like. I keep a bunch of peanut butter Clif bars in my desk; they're a little more sweet than I'd like but they're pretty tasty, filling, and sustaining. I enjoy the flavor and texture of Kind bars more, but they don't sustain me for nearly as long.
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Tuna pouches and crackers. I used to store these in the office filing cabinet for especially late teaching days.

Kid-sized boxes of raisins.

Dried mango. I've been plowing through the Imperfect Foods brand of mango bits that were too sunburnt for the typical processor.

I now keep those dried cheese crunchies (Whisps is one brand name).

Out of my own curiosity I did a quick internet search and apparently there is shelf stable cheddar cheese (no fridge needed!)
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Costco trail mix is my favorite, in a big sealable bag or in small snack-sized bags. Other trail mixes are fine as well. Kind bars are also a good choice (peanut butter-dark chocolate are my favorites).
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I like little cookies to have on an afternoon tea break. Usually pretty easy to find individually wrapped (like for a hostess gift)
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Larabars are mostly just dried fruit and nuts. They are cheaper if you order them in boxes from Vitacost. I've had bad luck getting them from Amazon - they've arrived with puffy wrappers.
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In case this is a problem where your office is located, if you go for the trail mix/nuts/cookies/energy bar thing (i.e. foods with fat, sugar and protein) consider storing them in a container with a tight fitting lid so that mice won't find them.
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I am super into the wide world of individually wrapped shelf stable snacks at my Asian grocers. Spicy tofu, dried fish, mushroom or gluten-based stuff, etc. Probably only worth exploring if you're generally a fan of salty/spicy and want easy protein and variety.
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Dried apricots.
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I like to have something sweet, something munchy, and something that could be lunch. Currently I have Adkins bars, nuts and a couple of cans of soup. I think there's a little pouch of tuna in there as well.
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If you drive, may I instead suggest you set up a go-bag of snacks you like, and carry it to and from work?
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Another thing I used to keep at my desk was a box of cereal and individual servings of a shelf-stable milk like Silk or Almond Breeze.
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