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Looking for advice/information on relocating to Ft Campbell, KY / Clarksville, TN.

My (army) boyfriend is getting transferred to Ft Campbell, KY within the next month or so, and we desparately need some good insider information!

Right now the primary focus is on finding a decent apartment, but any info on the area would be hugely appreciated. So, for those of you familiar with the area, are there any parts of town or apartment complexes you would/wouldn't recommend? Space isn't a priority, but safety (both personal and property) most definitely is. Close proximity to the base would also be a great bonus.

Any other thoughts/impressions on the area would be fantastic - is this a typical army town (he's coming from Bragg as a frame of reference), anything to do on evenings/weekends, etc?
Many thanks!
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I moved away from Clarksville and Fort Campbell last year. It's a decent area made much better by its proximity to Nashville.

I'd recommend finding an apartment or town house in Clarksville (as opposed to Oak Grove or Hopkinsville) because it seems safer. Tiny Town Road (especially the area near Trenton Road) has some good places to live and is near an interstate exit.

As for the "feel" of the town. Only on 41A--the road that runs along all the main post gates--does Clarksville feel like a typical Army town. Austin Peay State University is close to downtown Clarksville and offers educational opportunities for military spouses. If you feel like splurging, you might want to look into apartments above some of the downtown buildings. I paid $800 in rent for a spacious apartment above a business. I loved it.

As for weekends: Nashville.
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I grew up (and still live) about 45 minutes away. Not to scare you, but keep in mind that Clarksville IS a pretty dangerous town, especially considering its size. I think that's probably a function of having so many young, single men in one place, but I am not a criminologist nor am I a sociologist so I don't really know. Just keep your eyes open and you'll be fine.

Advice from my best friend, an army brat who went to high school in Clarksville and is living there now that she's graduated from college: try to stay out of "military ghetto" areas. Even if that means living a little out of the way, avoid the apartment complexes and seas of duplexes and tract houses that are full of soldiers. They tend to be rowdy and messy (this is not a dig at soldiers-I live in a "student ghetto" and it's exactly the same way). I think avoiding these places, if you can, will be the number-one key to staying safe and not getting your grill and porch furniture stolen and your car keyed every other week. Look for a house in the country if possible. It can be surprisingly affordable, and since this is still a mostly rural area, "country" can mean that you're still less than ten minutes away from the army base and whatever shopping and whatnot you might need.

As for the fun stuff, there are lots of great ethnic restaraunts in Clarksville-Japanese, Vietnamese, Jamaican, you name it. They tend to look a little seedy but you'll find some great food if you look past that. I recommend Samurai Sushi-cheap (esp. at lunchtime) and yummy. I second Nashville for weekend night-lifey things, and if you're into anything outdoorsy, there are all kinds of cool parks and lakes and caves really close by.
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Have you browsed through the installation homepage? Check the right sidebar under Fort Campbell Overview, Newcomer Information, Activities and Services, etc.
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