Training room in the Boston area?
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I am looking for a room with computers in the Boston area that my company could rent for a few days in August. We need to do some proctored online OSHA training with our employees. We would need 10-20 workstations. Any leads would be appreciated.
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If it's online-only and doesn't require any modifications to the local workstations, maybe one of the local community colleges might be willing to rent you some time in one of their labs?

August is usually a pretty quiet time depending on when the summer sessions begin/end.
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I was about to suggest the same thing as RonButnotStupid; I used to work in the events department of a university that did this sort of thing all the time. Places with sidelines in corporate training/Continuing Education will likely have the most computer labs available.
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I'm Chicago, not Boston, so I don't have specific leads, but out this way, some of the older, more established data centers offer rentable disaster recovery suites with 10-30 stations for either emergency or training use. You might call in to some of the larger providers and see if they can either help or point you to someone who can.
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Best answer: Many years ago I worked for a software training company in Woburn, MA (20 min outside Boston) with an infrastructure that would fit this criteria. Feel free to MeFi Mail me and I most likely can put you in touch with them.
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An Adult Ed. office might be able to assist. They're used to performing miracles with no budget. Same with libraries.
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Boston University CPE used to have a training facility like this out in Waltham. Not sure if they still have that specific location, but I imagine they have one on campus if not.
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Response by poster: Thank you, everyone, for the suggestions.
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