Help me remember this obscure sci-fi featuring cross-species gay lovers!
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A few years ago I found a sci fi book at Half Price Books. I'm not sure if it's even in print anymore. It was super, super weird but amazing and I kind of loved it, but I only got halfway through before I lost the book and I really want to finish it.

Essentially, it's about a human boy training to be an opera singer. The boy grows up wealthy, IIRC, and his mother pushes him to become a performer, so at a young age he is apprenticed to an older opera singer who takes him traveling around in space performing for various alien cultures. At some point he falls in love with his friend, who is also male and a different species (some kind of snake-people). That's most of the plot that I remember. There is possibly some war/political stuff going on in the background, too. Of course, no one I've ever met has read this book and google failed me. You are my only hope, metafilter.
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Songmaster, by Orson Scott Card? (Wikipedia)
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Space Opera by Catherine Valenti maybe?
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Song master involves singing and gay people but requires a trigger warning.

Space Opera is sf and about singing but has a completely different plot.
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my first thought was also Orson Scott Card, but then I questioned if I was deluding myself because isn’t he a staunch homophobe??
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Sounds like On Wings of Song by Thomas M. Disch.
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my first thought was also Orson Scott Card, but then I questioned if I was deluding myself because isn’t he a staunch homophobe??

He is, and that book is, as bq alluded to, all *kinds* of creepy, due to his issues; I would never recommend it on its own merits, especially today when there are so many *good* options for queer sf. But its plot does match the OP's description (minus that I don't remember snake aliens, but I haven't re-read it in 20+ years because of the creepy content, so it certainly could have that).
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My favorite book at 14, lifechanging for me.
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Yeah, I thought Songmaster also; there is creepy grooming of young male singers, but I don’t remember any snake aliens. Anyways that book is weird considering how homophobic
Orson Scott Card is.
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Best answer: It's about trauma, abuse, and censorship and it is SO GOOD.
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Response by poster: PhoBWanKenobi - YES!!! The Merro Tree is it! I knew Metafilter would come through!!

So excited to buy this book and finish it! (Also, I'm really surprised there are so many books about intergalactic opera singers!)
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Glad you figured it out -- but I'm going to plug The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula Le Guin anyway, since it pretty much matches your description and is awesome.
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