Finding a receipt for an Amazon Marketplace order?
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I ordered a piece of fitness equipment from Amazon Marketplace in 2018 or 2019. The equipment has developed a fault and the vendor wants a copy of the receipt for repair or replacement.

I thought this would be a really easy process. I have two Amazon accounts. Now I go to look for the receipt (in both accounts) and I can't find it under order history anywhere. I've checked my email accounts but the order confirmation might have gone to the spam folder which gets automatically deleted. My question is: do Amazon Marketplace orders get stored in your Amazon purchase history in the same way that Amazon orders do?
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AFAIK, it should. I have orders going all the way back to 2003 or so. Under Your Account / Your Orders, there should be a dropdown that gives you a year by year filter.
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You should be able to download a list of all your purchases through AMZN.
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Another confirmation: I've just checked using the app, and "Search all orders" has worked for me to find a Marketplace order from 2018.
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I have found Amazon purchase history to be kinda glitchy, if you search again in a few days time it may magically re-appear.
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Best answer: I've noticed that sometimes I get better results if I search for the name of the product instead of manually scanning through the purchase history, if you haven't tried that.
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Response by poster: Ok thanks for the replies, here is an update.

I treble checked all accounts again. No sign of the order.

Taking inspiration from Aleyn, I decided do a manual search of my order history in my Amazon accounts. Nothing showed up. So I decided to do a manual search of my two email accounts linked to the two account. And the receipt finally showed up!

Now knowing the exact date and which email a/c the order was linked to, I searched purchase history again. It was not there. And I always believed that Amazon would have a bullet-proof system in place for recording purchases. Obviously not!

Thanks for all the suggestions again.
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> jacobean: "And I always believed that Amazon would have a bullet-proof system in place for recording purchases"

I can't tell what happened in this situation but FYI Amazon has an "archive order" function that will make an order very close to unfindable/unsearchable. There's no obvious button to search archived orders but if you go to the "Your Orders" list of orders (i.e.: not an individual order), click on the "Archive order" link on one of thse orders, and then in the dialogue box that pops up you can click on "Archived orders" to see the list of your archived orders.
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