Wining and dining in Perth, Australia
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A couple quick questions about Perth's food scene

1) where in Perth does one go for a great kangaroo steak?

2) does Perth have neighborhoods/streets/areas associated with specific cuisines? Im thinking sth thats equivalent to Italian on Lygon Street in Melbourne, or Vietnamese in Carramatta in Sydney.

3) can anyone recommend a good resteraunt or two in the immediate vicinity of The Botanic Gardens in King's Park?

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Unfortunately, a lot of places have been inconsistent lately due to the pandemic, staff shortages, escalating costs etc and a few good places have closed :( I haven't been eating out much recently either so it's hard to make solid recommendations. I'll have a stab though because MeFi isn't exactly overrun with folks from Perth...

2) not really, not to that extent. Fremantle used to have a cluster of Italian restaurants, not so much now. There's a Chinatown in Northbridge (just north of the CBD). It's good but mostly only open at night. There's a couple of food courts that are all or almost all varieties of Asian - Cambridge Street in Wembley and Spencer Village in Thornlie.

Closest to what you're thinking of is
a bunch of Vietnamese restaurants in Girrawheen, a suburb north of the city. I don't have any specific recommendations but from what I hear they are all good and cheap.

There are a few dining strips with varied cuisine, in Leederville, Mount Lawley, Victoria Park, Fremantle, Northbridge, and to a lesser extent, Subiaco and Mount Hawthorne.

3) how immediate in the vicinity did you need it to be? Frasers is in Kings Park and by all accounts pretty good. Zamia is a nice cafe, in a different area of Kings Park. And there's Coooee, across the road from KP as the crow flies but in reality there's only a few places where you can cross that road...

Kings Park is next to the CBD, West Perth and Subiaco and there's good restaurants in each, I'll have a further think; meanwhile hopefully someone else will chime in!
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I can't help with 1 or 2, but for 3 (depending on your definition of "immediate") I can recommend Lulu La Delizia. We ate there about a year ago, and it was outstanding.
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For great recommendations in Perth check out Broadsheet. It has a bunch of categories and locations in Perth to eat well.
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I can second Lulu La Delizia.
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