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My company is in the market for an online project planning / tracking application. We've tried several and none meet our needs, so I thought I would ask for recommendations here. Details below.

Requirements are as follows:

1. A single timeline view across multiple otherwise independent projects.
2. Ability to add accounts/roles for project members even if they don't login themselves to create an account.
3. Ability to assign project members to tasks and track resource utilization if members are assigned to multiple tasks concurrently.
4. Can notify project members via email when tasks are assigned, due, or overdue.
5. Can send of periodic (perhaps weekly) updates on the status of a project's tasks to external customers who don't have accounts in the system.
6. Should support Trello integration (not a dealbreaker).

We've ruled out MS Project, Baton, Monday, and Trello so far for not having one or more of these features. is the closest thing we've found, and their enterprise plan might actually meet all of our needs, but we can't get their salespeople to return our calls/emails. Just hoping someone has experience with something along these lines that checks all the boxes.
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I don't know if it meets your needs, but Asana is a pretty popular PM tool and I've had success with it myself in the past, albeit not necessarily with your specific requirements in mind.
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Team Gantt has most of these features and I liked it better than Trello. It has email reminders for deadlines and semi-regular summaries of timelines like you want, for example. And there’s very granular project, task and who is in charge of these things in the chart that it generates that you can easily edit.
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Not sure about all of the requirements, but I briefly used a free trial of Meisterplan for a class and it has at least #1 and #3.
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A supplier I've been working with uses may be worth looking at? although don't know about managing multiple projects. Another one would be
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