I want to smell like Woolite.
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I recently bought a small bottle of Woolite Extra Delicates. I am obsessed with the scent. Can someone help me identify what it is so I can try to find similar-smelling products?

Based on what I can identify:
- There is definitely some sort of "baby shampoo" or "baby wash" undertone in there.
- I think it might also contain whatever manufacturers use for "clean"/"clean laundry"/"cotton" scents.

But there is at least one other element I cannot place, which makes the detergent scent lighter and sharper than either the "baby" products or the artifical clean smell. The overall impression is indeed "clean" yet also...soothing? But without being cloying.

Does anyone have any idea what compound or marketing name I should look for to try to find candles, perfumes etc. that smell something like it?
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Demeter’s Fuzzy Sweater, possibly combined with Baby Shampoo, or maybe Laundromat.
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Most laundry products contain fragrances called aldehydes, which is responsible for that "clean laundry" smell. So you may want to seek out a fragrance that includes "aldehydic" as one of its characteristics.
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Also, I just asked one of my colleagues (I work at a fragrance house that makes these scents, but not for this particular product), and even though she hasn't smelled it herself, she said that baby/extra gentle varieties often include a note of musk or sandalwood, so that could be what you're smelling too.
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Try CLEAN perfumes, especially The Original, Fresh Laundry, Soft Laundry, and Pure Soap. Sephora sells their products.
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This is my favourite type of fragrance. You could also look at Lazy Sunday Afternoon by Replica, and Pure Grace by Philosophy. Both are predominantly musky fragrances.
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Try Target's Mix: Bar Cloud Musk. It doesn't last very long, but it's cheap enough ($20 for 1.7 oz/50ml) that you can afford to respray it.
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Response by poster: Oh ok wow, I would NEVER have thought about musk/sandalwood, but now I think of it I guess that makes sense. Can't wait to try some of these suggestions, thanks everybody!!
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Maybe Amberette by Le Labo. My fave. It smells amazing!
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