Showerhead is too high. Workaround?
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We’re moving into a new house and we must be shorter than the previous owners. Also, I think, we’re dealing with 10- or 12-foot ceilings. The Showerhead is installed too high for us. I’m not a plumber or even much of a handyman. Is there a workaround? It’s one of those (to me) new 12-inch wide heads.

Add-on question: we want to attach a handheld head for detail work.
I can’t see where the current head screws on to the plumbing. If it’s behind the tiles, what are my options?
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My shower head unscrews at the end of the existing pipe, not at the tile. If yours works that way, you can search for shower head extension arms and find one in the length that suits you. Then simply remove the shower head and attach the extender to the end of the existing pipe. I don't know the answer for behind the tile.
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It's just about guaranteed that the shower head will unscrew from the end of the pipe, and replacing those things- and extending them! - is as racersix6 notes pretty easy. This is the sort of project that you really only need a wrench and a bit of patience and paying attention to get right, and isn't difficult or expensive; just watch a few youtube videos of people doing it, then do it.
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A couple of suggestions:

Get a shower head extension with a shut-off valve. Useful as a water saver.

When you attach the shower head to the extender and the extender to the water pipe, first wrap the threaded ends with Teflon tape. This will make it much easier to remove the shower head or extender later, as it guards against corrosion of the connectors.
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Best answer: Absolutely, there's this 11 inch 2-way lockable / adjustable extension arm.

There are even longer ones, like 15- or even 16-inchers.

One end goes onto the wall pipe like a showerhead, then you just attach the showerhead to the other end.

Or you can pick a 3-way, where it goes into a Y splitter, and a "switch" where you can choose shower head, handheld, or both.
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Response by poster: Yes, kschang - That's exactly what it looks like (minus the arm).
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We extended ours. It's pretty easy. I would recommend purchasing plumber's tape and wrapping the threads with it before tightening the extension on the original pipe and before tightening the head on the extension. Just a little extra leak prevention
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