Please help me cut off this pipe
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I need to cut off below ground this 1.25 in steel pipe. Here's a photo. What are some easy methods I can consider? Links to special tools would be very helpful. Thanks!
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Best answer: You can use a reciprocating saw, also known as a Sawzall (the name of the Milwaukee brand reciprocating saw). I just did this recently and rented one at the local hardware store, if you don't already own one. Hope this helps!
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Alternatively, you can use an angle grinder with a cutoff wheel. Be sure to use safety goggles.

Switch over to a grinding wheel, and you can smooth down the remaining end so that there are no sharp pieces.
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If you have more time and want to spend less money, a regular hacksaw will cut that, assuming that section of pipe doesn't have concrete inside. (I had to cut a pipe that had been filled with cement a while back, and that was a tough process even with power tools.) Personally I'd rather use power tools for this, but the old fashioned approach will get it done.

However you do it, watch out for sharp edges and wear appropriate eye/ear protection.
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If the pipe *is* concrete-filled, you can cut the pipe wall all around, and then just hit the pipe, and the concrete should crack right at that line.
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I'm voting for the sawzall, just because having a sawzall on the shelf makes entire classes of difficult problems take seconds to put behind you.
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Yeah, a sawzall is the right tool for the job there. Which is a shame, because angle grinders are a lot more fun.
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If you wanted a quieter method and a little exercise, a pipe cutter would work fine.
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The pipe cutter would probably let you cut it further down than a reciprocating saw/Sawzall, but the latter would be faster.
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Another vote for sawzall, but as stated this is also the perfect excuse for a horrible (harbor) freight trip for an angle grinder and a cutoff wheel. Get the right coupon and they will throw in a meh flashlight or tape measure!

Whatever you do, please wear appropriate PPE. When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail; when you have an angle grinder everything looks like sparks.
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Response by poster: I used a borrowed Sawzall and it worked great. Thanks to all!
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