I'm just grinding man, y'all never mind.
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As I came of age in the late 90s early 00s in the upper southern US, a very typical dance was grinding that was very popular while listening to Hip Hop songs and maybe even a little Cotton Eyed Joe. Is this still the default "Basic Young people" dancing method? If not, where is still prevalent? When did it start waning? What has supplanted it? (mind not the pandemic)

Seems to me that there is has been a emergence of EDM as the primary dance music since the early 2010s so this may not be as prevalent? I rarely go to dancing places (party mainstream bars, college bars or clubs) in the last 10 years but I did meet my now-wife dancing like this (in 2010, in a college bar)

This was popular in my small rural town high school , in my southern college which were all basically all white people and also in major cities I lived in through the early 2010s where I mostly hung out with white people.
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Don't know much about it. Saw this article in the NY Post regarding Steph Curry and his wife Ayesha grinding at the Warriors championship parade. (Tequila involved so YMMV)I guess it is still being done. In the article there is also a Twitter video of them actually doing the grind.
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Grinding, yes, and the teens will prop up their phones to do TikTok dances as well. Judging from shows I've been to recently, the 30+ and 40+ crowd dances exactly like they did in high school (badly). No idea what college kids and twenty-somethings who are into club music do for dancing.
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