three voicemails in three area codes on the cheap?
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I'm looking for a way to have three separate phone numbers all in different area codes with voicemail. I've done some research, and know you can do something like this with skype groups, but my experience with dropped calls on skype makes me wary. Does anyone know of any other ways to do this inexpensively? I'm open to VOIP or standard solutions, is skype my best alternative? thanks
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I know that Vonage will let you add a "virtual phone number" to an account for $5/month, and they have numbers available in area codes just about everywhere. Their 500 minute plan is $15/mo, and only outgoing calls count against the minutes, incoming is unlimited. Otherwise, full-unlimited is $25/mo.

(Adding two numbers, of course, makes those $25/$35)
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I second the Vonage suggestion, this would do exactly what you want. Nice bonus is that voicemail messages can come to your email account as attached wav files.
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Gizmo Project is what I would use for this. The 3 lines (CallIn numbers) in 3 cities will cost you about $3/line/month. All of the voicemail msgs will be delivered as WAV files to your email. You can get an SMS alert for every new voicemail as a reminder to check your email for the msg.

Once you set it up, you never have to use the VoIP application if you don't want to. Just return the calls from your regular phone or wireless phone.
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I have three phone numbers with different area codes and voicemail on each. Aside from a landline (and cell phone), one is a Vonage number, the other is an electronic fax/voicemail (I started with jFax). I can not answer the eFax; it is all voicemail or fax.
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I have a prepaid mobile phone with a number in a different area code on the other side of the country, complete with voicemail and texting. The provider doesn't charge extra for roaming, so it's very affordable, and since they don't charge for voicemail you just need to top off your account with the minimum amount to keep it active.
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thanks everyone, that was helpful..
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