Forgot Lastpass MasterPassword - How Screwed Am I?
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I changed it in April when I was away from home and managed to lose the paper I wrote it on. I got a new phone yesterday and now I cannot access LastPass without my master password - I can't even use the authenticator because that requires the password too. I DO have access to LastPass on my laptop. So how screwed am I?
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If you’re logged in on the laptop, you should be able to reset the password with a one-time reset code.
posted by michaelh at 6:48 AM on June 20

Before you try to reset anything, extract the most important passwords. I don't think you can bulk export as that requires the master Pass, but you can do it by hand.
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Seconding pyro979.

Might you have saved your newest LastPass master password in LastPass? Then that still-connected laptop could get it.

When you're back in business, consider using Advanced Options > Export to generate an archive list, which could then be encrypted with Excel or a zip utility.
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If you still have your old phone, and you used fingerprint or face recog on the phone to secure Lasspass, then you should be able to use "mobile account recovery".

Else, it is still possible to recover password via recovery...
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