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Tired Of The Same Old Shit?

When I was a kid, my uncle had a poster hanging up in his old room that I was fascinated by and would like to acquire. I remember it was a large black and white photograph of a scowling, understandably chagrined, shirtless, scruffy male with both hands held in fron of him at chest level holding, ostensibly, a large BM that filled his cupped hands. The top of the poster read "Tired Of The Same Old Shit?" and at the bottom it said "Try The Different Drummer", I think, and I think it may have been an ad for a clothing store in SFO or NYC, but I cannot recall. Does anyone recall such a poster, or know where they may still be available?
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um, don't try a Google search in unsafe mode cause it is NSFW.
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I'm guessing "bowel movement."
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I did a little writing for the underground press in Baltimore, and I vaguely remember that poster as advertising for another underground paper of the late sixties... “The Drummer” out of Philadelphia? Good luck.
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Best answer: Yup, someone asked the same question back in 2002 on the STUMPERS(?) list. Here's a Google cache of the question and answer since the original listserv appears to be down. (You're not Luke, are you?)

Anyway, although the original direct link no longer works, the instructions by Elizabeth L. Brown of the LOC for finding it yourself still do work to get an image of the poster. Go to Click on the big blue Search the Catalog button. In the search field, put the text Different Drummer (Firm) and click search. A web page with the poster you are interested in pops right up. Due to copyright restrictions the poster might not be available for reprint, but then again it might. The LOC page doesn't seem really clear on which it is, but it does give further contact and link information to find out.

Man, you have got to love the Library of Congress site.
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That is one incredible link! And on the spot advice indeed.
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Response by poster: Good god damn.

mdevore, I bow to you. I was sort of stoked after my initial despair to see I had stumped MeFi. This just seemed like the sort of obscure, countercultural oddity that would invoke a groundswell of AskMeFi feedback.
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