Socks for Men's Extra Wide Feet
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Partner has a very wide toe box, Men's 11.5 4E, and is having trouble finding socks that comfortably accommodate his extra wide toe box. He prefers no-show or low cut ankle socks to wear with his daily uniform of running shoes. Any recommendations for finding suitable socks are welcome.

More details:
He has been wearing wool socks from Darn Tough and SmartWool but they are one-size-fits-all and fit tight on his toe box. Wool socks are preferred but not a requirement.
His heels, ankles, and calves are fairly standard size, so he specifically is looking for socks that accommodate an extra wide toe box as opposed to wide all the way through.
As a hack, he's been buying a size up in socks, so XL instead of L, but as expected they are too long.
Price is not a primary concern.
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Response by poster: Forgot to mention: we are in the US so any retailer that can ship to the US is fair game.
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If the issue is specifically the toe box, has he tried toe socks? I know they look weird, but they're so much comfier and give your toes so much more room than regular socks. After trying toe socks, I got rid of all my regular socks because of how much more confining they were around my toe box.

I've been very happy with Injinji midweight socks, which have held up well for 4+ years now (though the more lightweight hidden ones developed holes in the big toes quickly, so I'm not crazy about those).
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Since I get my wide shoes from OrthoFeet, I checked to see if they offer socks. And they have some that they deem "extra roomy." I can't vouch for them, though.
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Not quite no show, but these Hugh Ugoli diabetic socks might do the trick. Not a diabetic but loose fit/seamless approach works well for my finicky feet.

Sock are my absolute least favorite article of clothing—make me feel like my toes are being strangled. After hunting, tried the women’s version of these and really like them. Loose and soft but not too wide and falling down. Bamboo, not wool.
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I’ve heard good things about the extra wide sock co.
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There are some suggestions in this thread. Plus12 socks sound promising, and there's also someone who will custom-knit socks to size.
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