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I find it interesting to peruse The Wallace Foundation and The Rand Corporation papers and research, what other "think tank" organizations should I look at?
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Wikipedia's got a list of think tanks within the US and without. Unless you're interested in research in general, though, you should be more specific about what kind of work you're interested in reading. I'm not familiar with the Wallace Foundation and I know RAND does defense/global politics kinds of things. So, could you be more specific?
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Maybe too math-y/physics-y, but have you heard of the Perimeter Institute?
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Urban Institute and Brookings Institution.
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To flesh out bigmusic's query, here are links to:
Wallace, active in arts and education
RAND, originally formed after WWII focusing on national security and R&D — hence the name — as part of the Douglas Aircraft Co., now independent, nonpartisan and active in a wide range of areas
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Response by poster: So, could you be more specific?

Artificial Intelligence, domestic and foreign policy, and Modern Arts.
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The Cato Institute produces stuff from a hard-core old-school libertarian viewpoint.
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There's a dozen well-known Canadian think tanks at the bottom of this page.
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Because they're a tiny bit hard to find: Brookings has lots of books online for free
Brookings Institution Press Books

and more books at the Brookings - AEI Joint Center Manuscripts Page

Also there's the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CEIP) the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), the Internation Crisis Group (ICG), the Center for Defense Information, from England the Foreign Policy Centre

Hmm I just punched up 'thinktank' in delicious, and this list came up. Go wild!
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And one last one that ties in arts and foreign policy, and interesting one (which just closed unfortunately) the Center for Arts and Culture, they seemed to have worked at the intersection of art and foriegn policy
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Response by poster: This one on AI seemed kind of interesting.
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The Santa Fe Institute has a lot of online publications related to complexity theory and emergence, amongst other things.
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American Enterprise Institute and the Council on Foreign Relations.
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Google Scholar might pull up these sorts of white papers. (Not sure.)
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