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I am looking for other online resources like Ask.Metafilter, where one can post questions and expect answers of a quality similar to that of those found here. Forums, mailing lists, yahoogroups etc (among others) that one can post general questions to and also those dealing with very specific subjects. A few subjects that I am particularly looking for are: Science (biology and chemistry in particular) math Psychology English Language and Literature Philosophy Writing Suggestions on your areas of interest would also be welcomed. Google throws up a lot of alternatives but I just wanted to pose this question here in the hope I'd get some tried and tested recommendations Thanks! P.S. I did try signing up at the WELL of Salon fame but found it too meandering for my taste.
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Barbelith Underground has some really great subcategories, and can be a good place to ask questions. It's not strictly for queries, as AskMe is; it's more for discussion, but many questions are asked and answered by the members. It's run by a MeFite.
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For travel information, I find the advice on FlyerTalk to actually be better quality than what we find here.

For law in the UK, the newsgroup is quite good.
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Ask Philosophers
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A library, or a library's online chat reference service. You could even use my library's online chat reference service, if you wanted.
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It's new, and the quality doesn't yet seem to be there, but you could try questionville.
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How's this for specific? There are myriad other car boards out there of varying quality, but with the possible exception of the forums at PelicanParts, I've never seen one as informative and down-to-earth as the 2002FAQ.
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Questionville is a relatively new site that I read about on lifehacker. It's not very mature yet, but I suspect it'll get better with time.
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The Craigslist forums certainly aren't Q&A forums but I've found that with all the specialized forums you can connect with people who know what they are talking about and get your questions answered much of the time.
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The SomethingAwful forums have an general Ask/Tell forum, and two subforums dedicated to cooking, and science/philosophy/etc.
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Lycos IQ is a new one. And I'm sure you know about Google Answers.
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Straight Dope Message Boards.
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So far Ive seen -

and a list here -

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